5 ways to keep our kids and our technology safe from each other

Keeping our kids safe online is obviously a fairly high priority for me. I have written of many things we as parents can do to help as well as many of the devices we can take advantage of to help us out. But we also have technology and devices which whilst not as precious to us as our own offspring, can still be a rather expensive commodity which we sometimes need to protect from our children.

Here are 5 ways you can help keep both your kids safe online as well as keep your devices safe from your kids!

 1. Cybersafe 24/7

I have written before about the benefits of Cybersafe 24/7. I use this wireless modem in my own household and I am convinced it is the best way to keep my kids from searching and stumbling upon inappropriate material whilst they are in our home. I can monitor what they are looking at with every device, including computers, iPod touches, iPads and even the Wii. I can also customise each device by blocking whatever searches I deem necessary. I can limit time allowed on certain sites and can even stipulate the hours these sites are available. So basically any device that is connected via your home wireless network can be made completely safe.


2. B-Lock Case


This B-Lock case  is really an iphone cover that you can use all the time but it has a tab that can be flicked over to disable the home button.   Kids are therefore able to use the apps but it prevents them from leaving the app and browsing the internet, deleting photos or making phone calls! This is a really affordable option at $14.99 and is available online with free postage.

 3. Apptivity Case

These products are aimed at protecting your expensive devices whilst still letting your kids enjoy the benefits of great educational and interactive apps. The Fisher Price Apptivity Case is fantastic for my 3 year old and the 1 year old who is a little tech obsessed. The Apptivity Case allows you to put your iPad in the protective cover which not only helps prevent smashes from dropping, but is also dribble and teething proof and again has the ability to disable the home button.


4. The Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey

This is another Fisher Price product that safely houses the iPhone (3, 4 and  4s) or iPod Touch,  and again allows them to be played whilst disabling the home button. Once again you can rest assured your device is safe from smashes, dribbles and deleting. The monkey can also be played on its own without the device as it comes with songs and early literacy language and number phrases.

Here are some photos of my boys enjoying the Fisher Price products, of which I have one of each to give away!


and you can always dance next to it without worrying about them stomping on it!

and still good for a cuddle!


5. Follow The Modern Parent!

Slightly tongue in cheek but if you continue to read I shall continue to research both personally and professionally all that I can to help us all keep our kids safe as we continue to live in an age of advancing technology. So follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or subscribe to my blog via email.

And if you would like to win one of the great Apptivity cases, either the iPad case  (valued at $39.00) or the Monkey iphone case (valued at $59.00), then follow on Facebook and leave a comment below telling me how you keep your kids or your devices safe from one another!

Competition closes 5pm AEST December 14th 2012 and is open to Australian residents only. 


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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. Lyndal

    i really like the idea of that iphone case – genius!


  2. Seana Smith

    How did you know I needed this post, specifically to hear about the Cybersafe 24/7? Genius! Thank you so much, I have been thinking I needed to get things sorted out centrally.

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Eleise

    I read your blog about the Cybersafe 24/7 and although at first I didn’t think it was necessary, the more I have thought about it, the more I think that we need to implement something like this in the home. The scary thing is we don’t have anything in place to keep the kids safe online.

    Team IBOT

  4. Vanessa Summers

    We always use the new lock feature on iPhones and iPad whilst the kids are on and encourage them to play games / apps with us. We also update security setting frequently and never let them on an app before playing it ourselves (good excuse huh!)

  5. Jodi

    Miss Z loves the iPad, and would often walk around with it….. Now her iPad time consists of ONE HOUR before bed, and she has to sit in her brother’s high chair. That was she is locked in, can play without carrying the ipad around or having it on her lap where Master M can try and grab it resulting in a fight and a possibly broken iPad. So she and the iPad are out of harms way.

  6. I love the apptivity case. We just got one for the iPad and it is so good to be able to leave Mia to play with it as much as she wants without having to worry about her breaking it. That mokey for the iPhone looks cool, although I am really reluctant to let her play with my iPhone as there is more potential for trouble. The iPad is wifi only so when I have the wifi off I know she can’t get in to much trouble with it and doesn’t matter if she messes with the settings or anything, but I’m not so confident with the iPhone!

  7. Me N my Monkeys

    Cybersafe 24/7 sounds like its something that would be fantastic in our house at the moment, i will have to look in to this product. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. Michelle V

    I keep them out of reach as much as possible! Failing that, I supervise constantly if they are near! I learnt my lesson when my youngest decided my laptop would be a good spot to park her butt.

  9. EssentiallyJess

    Great tips Martine.
    I like the idea of that iPhone case. Might have to get one!

  10. Kim m

    We have a rule, where they can use the ipad, but only on the lounge in the lounge roome, saves the risk of dropping it and we can see what they are doing on it..

    Follow on facebook

  11. Tahlia @ the parenting files

    Fortunately the only thing I have to worry about at the moment is the home button approving an iTunes app purchase. Great tips! The case is great! And I have to figure out how to manage my home wii fii when the time comes xx

  12. Rebecca Senyard

    I watch my toddler as she plays two different apps on my ipod touch. The Cybersafe 24/7 is going to be essential as my daughter grows up to ensure that she doesn’t interact with anything unsafe on the internet, but I really think it’s important that computer screens can be visible to parents while kids are on the computer – for example have the computer in the family room. It means kids won’t get tempted to go on sites they shouldn’t.

  13. Nicole Kent

    Put them up high
    And out of their reach
    Let them use it with me
    So I can educate and teach!!!

  14. Aaron Kaczmarczyk

    Its too bad I read this post after my little one purchased in game money for $109.99! Now I’ll definitely have to invest in getting the proper protection between my kids and technology, thanks for the advice!

  15. Laney | Crash Test Mummy

    We’re crash testing the Apptivity products at the moment. The iPad case has been invaluable. I don’t let the kids play with the iPhone, but the B-Lock case sounds pretty handy!

  16. Trina B

    Our rules for the ipad are that they have to be sitting down either at the table (for our older boys) or on something soft like the couch. Only 1 person at a time to prevent any fighting and possible accidental mishaps (we have 5 boys so it is a real possibility!!) It is stored in Mum and Dad’s room – up high – and we are the only ones allowed to get it down and pass it to the seated child. They don’t always follow the rules, but it is confiscated if they break them 🙂

  17. Melinda

    My plan of attack is one, two, three! then I take it away. I can’t be bothered with the arguing, so it’s gone. I am too exhausted after a days/weeks work to argue with them, so simple. It’s gone!

    of course, I give in, once bath and dinner is over. Just for the peace and quiet.

  18. Emily

    We’re thinking of getting an iPad for our soon-to-be Preppie, (and so I can watch Revenge in bed) because they have 12 in their classroom and so reading this was food for thought, thanks.
    Currently they use my old iTouch and now I have iPhone 5 I try and ban them from it, mind you I did buy at $50 thick, ugly hard case because they always seem to find it and throw on ground!
    Thanks for sharing

  19. Alicia

    Cyber safety is something I really need to look into now Izzy can use the computer on her own.

  20. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    Martine, this is a great post and very timely for me. I will definitely be checking out the Cybersafe 24/7 device as that is something we will need now we have a myriad of devices and kids are moving on from infants classes. I also love the idea of that iPhone case – there are some truly clever people out there!

  21. Lara @ This Charming Mum

    I love the idea of the B-Lock case. I’ll definitely be getting one of those! My son is only 18 months old and already loves playing games on the phone (in short bursts, with supervision) because he sees his older sisters doing it. I don’t think it is possible for our kids not to interact with these technologies in this day and age, but we should definitely be doing everything we can to make it as safe as possible. Some great ideas on your blog!

  22. jody jamieson

    we ever only let the kids play on the iphone if we are in the car and we dont have the ipad or lap top and the ipad is only when there sitting on the couch and have adult to supervise when there not being used we put them up high in a cuboard so they are not lost or broken

  23. Grace

    Such great devices (and website!), Martine 🙂 We definitely could use the Apptivity case for our iPad. And the B-lock case would come in handy as the boys have started to fiddle around with the apps and have almost accidentally bought new ones…eek!

  24. Georgia

    Honestly…I don’t know how!

    I have to hover behind my 7yr old to ensure she’s not swapping from Reading Eggs to YouTube searching Lady Gaga or Britney Spears.

    I keep the iPad and my mobile phone on the top shelf of the pantry so my 2 youngest can’t get to it, lest they send them to a watery grave via the toilet like they did with THREE previous phones. I’m quite short, so spend a lot of time jumping up and down in the pantry, trying to reach my phone or the iPad. Much to their amusement.

    I hadn’t seen these covers before. They’re genius. I need the iPad cover because that’s the one device I do let my 2 youngest on (while having heart palpitations that they’ll ruin in). If they attempted to maim my precious 4th child (yeah, I said it), I will cry. I’d probably carry out hostage negotiations and offer up the digital camera or my phone instead.

    Following your blog on Facebook =)

  25. Renee

    I use technology with my children as they are 1 and 5, this is how I keep them safe for now

  26. Cate

    My little son is nearly two,
    As for rules we have a few!
    One- is do not touch Dad’s IPad
    (When he’s out of sight- too bad!)
    Two- sit down to use the iPhone,
    And three- ensure we are not alone.
    Unfortunately Charlie likes to throw,
    Wear and tear on our devices- starting to show!
    A protective case will soon be a ‘need’
    Troublesome twos coming early- yes indeed!

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