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7 signs social media is killing your kids self esteem (or yours)

Social media is killing our kids self esteem. And for many an adult too,it is wreaking havoc with their sense of self worth.
With social media offering us a constant barrage of comparison with those achieving great things, looking fabulous, being cleverer, purchasing bigger and better ‘everythings’ and going to more exotic places, then it is natural for our self esteem to take the occasional beating. Sure, some people can scroll through a feed and shut it down, confident in what they have, what they are doing and their place in the world. For others however, the effects leave a more permanent and damaging scar.
And it is hard to say what comes first. The chicken or the egg. We know that those spending copious amounts of time online tend to suffer more bouts of diminished esteem. But is it that the social networks themselves are causing this or is it those with an already downtrodden self esteem are seeking refuge in an online world?
Either way it is fair to say that there are many who are suffering the effects of a life lived in constant comparison, addicted to the drama and the attention, whether positive or not.
It’s no good to tell people to shut it down or leave social media completely as that is neither realistic or fruitful. But I have been paying a lot of attention to the other elements of kids (and adults) lives in order to ensure they are not reliant on the likes and comments of their feeds as their only source of self esteem.
It’s not easy in a world that is social media saturated. But here are a few signs that social media may not be a good friend to your kids mental health, or yours for that matter.

7 signs social media is killing your self esteem

1. Social media disrupts your real life thoughts and interactions. You are thinking about being online constantly and suffer frequently from FOMO

2. It affects your mood. You finish scrolling your feed in a worse mood than when you started, and your mood is constantly dependant on what happens online.

3. Real life interactions are difficult and being alone is uncomfortable. There is no ability to relax, reflect or chill out away from the screens.

4. You find yourself constantly jealous about what others are doing, achieving, seeing, being.

5. You relish others misfortune

6. You measure your success by others you see online

7. You are addicted to the drama and attention, whether good or bad.

Now of course many of us have probably experienced elements of some of these at times, but if these thoughts and behaviours are a constant in your life or in your kids life, then it may be time to look at making some changes.

Social media may not drive us to seek out self worth, but it is certainly a vehicle to facilitate this.
It is up to us therefore, to determine how it is affecting our thoughts and behaviours and look for other sources to lift us up.

What about you? Do you think social media has had a negative or positive affect o the self esteem of yourself or your kids?

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  1. Calx

    I think it is important to make sure your kids understand that what people post and the reality can be quite different. Found a lovely YouTube vid which showed this. Made my 2 girls watch it, just do they are aware not all is as it seems.

    Have you see it?

    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      Yes that is so true. The reality and the image can be grossly distorted.

  2. Dotti

    Perfectly put into simple perspective ??

  3. It mustn’t feel good to relish in other people’s disappointment. I do get jealous of others but come on.. Who doesn’t want to be on holidays

    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      Me me! I love seeing other peoples fun stuff, but thankfully I am also happy with what I got, so therein lies the difference.

      1. Martine Oglethorpe

        Thanks Dotti x

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