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Apps for all ages: some more family favourites

Sometimes finding a good app is like hairdressers. It’s much better going on recommendations than trawling through the directories! With kids of all different ages and stages, I am always on the lookout for different apps that hopefully help them learn a few things as well. Whilst I am usually the one finding them for the little kids, the tweens and teens tend to have no trouble finding their own. Some of them are a little mindless, but there are also plenty that help them learn some great skills and get a little general knowledge as well. Here are a few that are keeping them occupied during their downtime (when they are not wrestling, arguing or throwing balls in the house) these holidays.

 Toddler and Preschooler

Jonty and the dinosaur who could not go to sleep



A beautifully illustrated and interactive  bedtime story ebook about helping Jonty to get a good nights sleep. It has four play options. Kids can be read to, they can read themselves and get help for any unknown words, they can put in on autoplay or they can add to the story. Cost: $2.49


Alien Buddies


Available on ipad and iPhone this app is a favourite of my nearly 3 year old. It has matching, dot to dot, shapes, colours, letter and number recognition. Great for preschoool and kindergarten and early primary.  Cost: $1.99



chatterpixThis one has given my 4 year old (and the 12 year old) many many moments of laughter. You take a pic or use an existing photo, draw a line where the mouth is and record a message. The picture then plays the message with the moving mouth. You can imagine some of the things they have come up with..lots of talking babies and animals and messages that can be sent to each other. Whilst it is aimed at the preschooler, the older kids certainly can have just as much fun! Another app from Duck Duck Moose who make many other great toddler apps. Cost: free



Build your wild self


Start with a boy or girl animation and have fun creating your wild self. Very easy to navigate so great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Here is one I created earlier…and sent to myself!

Cost: Free and available from website





Pre-Tweens, Tweens and Teens

Mystery Math Museum

Mystery Math Museum is aimed at lower to middle primary for a fun way to learn essential maths skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Players use their maths sills to unlock the different rooms with a colourful cast of characters to meet along the way. Mystery Math Town is another great maths app from the same creators.  Ipad only Cost: 2.99










Speed Geography


I love this app and do get a little excited when I see the 12 year old playing it. It has certainly been the most effective way to teach the countries and cities of the world without him feeling like he is learning! Thankfully the competitive streak means they keep going back to better their score. $2.49 Ipad only


Flow Free


This is one of those addictive puzzle games where you think you are going to finish on one level and then keep trying for the next! Another favourite of the 12 year old, this app requires you to match colours to create pipe that covers the board. Lots of levels so good for all ages.Available on iphone and iPad.

Cost: free




Just a few to add to the collection. Here are some others I wrote a while ago that still get a good run. Family Favourite Apps Part 1

Do you have any family favourite apps that you all enjoy? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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  1. Michele

    try scribblenauts lots of fun

  2. Annaleis

    Even the 5 and 6 year old here like flow free – still have lots of levels to go but I like that they have to problem solve. Thanks for the geography and Mystery Math – trawling through the many apps our there are hard but we are now enjoying these too!

  3. Robyn (Mrs D)

    Oooh thanks for these, I am always after some good apps for the kids. Even better is that we have none of these – must get downloading xx

  4. Tegan

    These are great. Mr 4 loves love the Lego Game and Reading Eggs.

  5. EssentiallyJess

    Oh I like the look of the mystery math one! My kids are super into maths at the moment. Which is kinda weird, but I’ll take it!! 😉

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