The very best way to protect our children’s digital footprint

There is lots we can do to help keep our children safe online. But the very best way for them to show respect for their own digital footprint and to that of others too, is to instil in our kids this simple but very important question to ask themselves every time they post something online……….

digital footprint

Of course this is helpful for us adults too!

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  1. Rhianna

    Brilliantly put!

  2. Kimberley M

    Perfect post! And not just for kids! I think this every time I write something with the thought of publishing it for the world to see.

    I was super protective of my “identity” on my blog for ages, until Husbando scoffed at me and said, if someone wants to find you, they will find you – you’re being naive. Since that, I’ve put my name out there, but have clamped down on the things I will share about my kids on the blog.

    It’s about awareness more than anything. Have fun, but be aware. Kx

  3. Kerri

    Good question, succinctly put. I think about it all the time!

  4. Emma Fahy Davis

    Hell yes! I always laugh when I hear people talking about ‘internet privacy’ and the ‘safety’ of closed/secret Facebook groups. It’s the internet, any expectation of privacy is at best misguided. My kids are only just getting old enough to venture into cyberspace, but having blogged about them their entire lives (my youngest four since they were fetuses), I’m acutely aware of what they might think later reading back on what I’ve divulged about their lives and these days Miss 10 reads and approves anything I write about her.

  5. Janet @ Redland City Living

    It’s something I try to remember every. single. day. as well as teaching my kids!

    Visiting from #TeamIBOT – just call me Xena, Warrior Princess!

  6. EssentiallyJess

    Such a simple, honest truth!
    Well said Martine xx

  7. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    This quote has come to mind a few times since you posted this – and sometimes I think it’s good we remember that what we say and do does have consequences 🙂

  8. Becc

    Very good advice. I usually stand by it, but there was this one time…..

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