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Helping Children Grieve Part 3: Practical ways for parents to help their children cope with loss

My previous posts have looked at helping children grieve and how a childs age and development can determine their reaction to grief. I will finish this by looking at some concrete ways in which we can help support our children through these difficult times.   Provide a safe place for them to vent their emotions. This […]

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Helping Children Grieve Part 2 -How age can determine a childs response to grief

Whilst children respond very differently to the loss of a loved one, there does appear to be some identifiable patterns of behaviour largely determined by the age and developmental stage of the child. For us as parents this is useful in helping us determine the type of support we can offer our children. It can also help us […]

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Picking the Battles With Our Children – Negotiable vs Non-Negotiable Rules

The family unit can only run smoothly when respect, rules and a clear set of boundaries are firmly entrenched. In my previous post, Saying No to our kids, I wrote about the need to instill in your children the notion of accepting that ‘no means no’.  This is often necessary for a childs safety, for the efficient functioning […]

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Saying No to our kids – without the arguments, tears and tantrums

How often do we respond to a childs request by saying ‘no’ only to be worn down by negotiations, arguments, tantrums, whining and over-explaining?   Saying “no” translates instead to, “I’ll begin by saying no, but depending on my mood, where we are, who is watching, our energy level and overall stamina…then keep trying and I may very well give in” We all […]

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It’s the good times not just the bad that help make us resilient

When we lost our daughter and the boys lost their sister, months later I was reminded how much “stronger” the boys would be, as they had already gone through so much. lt is true that they certainly have a different empathy toward grief and that the experience has more than likely changed them in certain ways. This was […]

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What are you doing for your kids that they could be doing for themselves?

What are you doing for your kids that they could be doing for themselves? This is a question I have been asking myself with a lot more regularity lately. Mainly because I am a little more tired than usual and suffering a few bouts of ‘can’t be bothered’ syndrome. (oh and I’m just coming out the […]

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