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Advice to live by: for new parents and old

As I approach that time again (yes giving birth), it has led me to reflect on some of the advice that is usually offered as...


Dont be sad for me: babies and their gender

Recently somebody asked me if I knew the sex of my unborn child. “Yes we do” I replied proudly, “we are having another little boy”....


Speaking our childrens language: chat speak and internet acronyms

When reading over the shoulder of a young persons internet chatting or mobile phone texting, one could be forgiven for believing they had come across...


11 Practical ways parents can help build self esteem

Self esteem is one of the most important aspects of our children’s development. Having a healthy and positive self esteem means our children feel...


Why praise alone won’t build self esteem

Having a positive self esteem is one of the most important aspects of our child’s development.  Of all the judgements we pass in life,...


Trusting our instinct and doing whats right for ourselves and our family

With constant access to a never ending stream of information, it has never been so easy to get caught up in a world ‘googling’ all...


How good are you at following through?

Whilst trying to tame the monster of effective parenting and discipline, we have all made a myriad of threats that for whatever reason we have...


Technology and Parenting – A help or a hindrance?

Have the changes in technology made the job of parenting easier or harder? Do changes to the modern world mean changes to the way we...


The Stepladder Approach to helping with anxiety

When anxiety is beyond ‘being a little bit shy and awkward’ and develops instead into something unreasonably fearful, there are steps we as a parent...


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