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Saying No to our kids – without the arguments, tears and tantrums

How often do we respond to a childs request by saying ‘no’ only to be worn down by negotiations, arguments, tantrums, whining and over-explaining?   Saying “...


The grateful child – Can we teach our kids the art of gratitude?

Probably one of the more difficult lessons to teach our children is the art of gratitude. Can we in fact teach them to sit back,...


It’s the good times not just the bad that help make us resilient

When we lost our daughter and the boys lost their sister, months later I was reminded how much “stronger” the boys would be, as they...


What are you doing for your kids that they could be doing for themselves?

What are you doing for your kids that they could be doing for themselves? This is a question I have been asking myself with a...


Winning or Losing – Are we Failing Our Kids?

Are we failing our children by denying them the right to win….. and more importantly to lose? Every weekend during football season my sons and...


Morning Routines – Getting to School on Time without Nagging, Yelling, Fighting…

With 3 primary age boys and a 12 month old baby, mornings were not necessarily the most serene time of the day. Despite telling myself that I...


Providing the Right Environment for our Families to Thrive

Building up resilience in ourselves and our family is certainly something that relies on many different contributing factors. Whilst there are things we have little...


Resilience -Where Does It Come From?

  In the months following the death of my 4 month old daughter, friends, family and even those I hardly knew would repeatedly comment on ‘how...


The Trials of the Modern Parent

How does the modern parent survive and even thrive? So many choices, so little time, so much to contend with, so much to compare to...

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