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Technology, Talking & taking the blame: are the devices affecting our kids speech?

As we battle to figure out how all this uptake of technology and devices is going to affect the state of society, and more importantly, the development of our precious offspring, the latest studies look to the effects all this is having on the speech and language skills of todays children. Some Principals are alluding […]

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4 things I do everyday to keep my kids safe online

Despite being a cyber safety consultant and counsellor of many families that have struggled with online safety issues, my most important job is as a mother to 5 boys. There is no greater motivation for me to research the best ways to ensure responsible online use than the social, emotional and physical safety of my […]

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Why parents of Preschoolers need to learn about Cybersafety

Why do parents of toddlers and preschoolers need to start learning now all they can about technology, the online world and cyber safety? Surely this is something for the tween and teen parents? Something to keep in mind for later? When I talk about technology and cybersafety to parents of preschoolers the most common responses […]

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