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weighing up screentime

Weighing up screentime: why parents need to take a closer look

The challenge of managing screentime is one of the greatest issues concerning parents today. How much is too much? How long should each age group be allowed on the computer, or on the device? How do I get them off without a fight? I have written before about how to manage kids time with screens […]

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e-smart digital licence

A digital Licence for Safe, Smart Kids

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation recently launched their new initiative to help Australian primary school kids become safe, smart, responsible digital citizens, with the introduction of their  e-smart digital licence.  This is a fantastic step forward for our kids in Grade 6 who are already well immersed in a world lived largely online. Technology and portable […]

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Top Digital Parenting Posts of 2014

As we pack up the Christmas tree and pop the champas on another rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”, it’s time to reflect on the year that was. I hope it was a good year for you. If it wasn’t so great, I hope you found the love and support from those close to you to […]

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top tips for tech devices

20 Tips for your tech gifts this Christmas: keep the kids and the devices safe

This Christmas there will no doubt be plenty of Santa sacks with all manner of tech gadgets and devices.  If your child is one of those lucky enough to receive a tech gift, and lets face it many will be going to school next year where these gadgets are a compulsory requirement, then there are […]

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Netiquette: a parents guide to teaching good manners online

Netiquette refers to the new order of manners and etiquette required to be good, courteous and responsible digital citizens. The greatest lessons we can ever teach our kids about being safe and responsible online are based on the foundations of respecting oneself and always respecting others. The basic principals of ‘do unto others as you […]

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10 ways to keep your kids and their

10 ways to keep your kids and their mobile devices safe

Keeping our kids safe with technology, new devices and the online world must be a conscious set of practises, teaching and monitoring relying on boundaries, time limits and rules of use, beahviour and etiquette. Many kids will be receiving a brand new device this Christmas, and straight away be ready to swipe, tap, comment, update, […]

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A letter from Santa for your new technology, games and devices

If your kids are getting some new technology this year, a game, iPod, ipod touch, phone , ipad or tablet, then here is a letter you can put in the stocking to help them remember the rules of owning this very powerful technology.     And for a PDF version to print out: Santa Letter […]

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