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Confide, Whisper and Yik Yak: should we fear online anonymity?

The online anonymous user has in recent times been viewed with suspicion, neglect and even fear. Their animated avatars providing a false sense of bravado that also serves to minimise conscience and decency.  As parents, should we be protecting our kids from anonymous online users, or is this all part of the online world that may […]

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How do I ask my parents to let me on Instagram?

How do I ask my parents to let me on Instagram? That phrase has actually been a consistent search for people who have found my blog. I don’t know if I’ve ever properly answered that question but I imagine they are landing here because I talk about social media often, including Instagram. The good news […]

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A letter from Santa for your new technology, games and devices

If your kids are getting some new technology this year, a game, iPod, ipod touch, phone , ipad or tablet, then here is a letter you can put in the stocking to help them remember the rules of owning this very powerful technology.     And for a PDF version to print out: Santa Letter […]

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Teach your kids to be safe on social networks: don’t rely on safe sites, settings, banning and blocking

Teaching kids to be safe on social networks is something that all parents need to start doing as soon as their kids show an interest in any online hangout. Banning them from sites or thinking you have it covered with strict privacy settings is not however, the way to instil in them safe social networking […]

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Sexting and the law: why we are all confused

When it comes to sexting and the law, it seems our families, schools and the law enforcers themselves are increasingly concerned, confused and frustrated.  With good reason. The technology our children are immersed in has led to profound changes to the way they socialise, interact and even flirt. As a result, widespread sexting leaves our […]

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Parenting with Technology: Top posts of 2012

This post is dedicated to the most popular cybersafety and parenting with technology posts of 2012. This is an area of parenting that is increasingly challenging parents as we are constantly faced with the all encompassing nature of the online world. As our children grow and develop amongst this new world, we as parents are […]

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