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videos for cyber safety

Videos to help teach our kids to be safe and smart online

Having open honest discussions with your kids is one of the best ways to help keep them safe and responsible online and to help them talk about the challenges they may face spending time online. Sometimes it’s hard to bring up topics without sounding all ‘lecture-y’ and it isn’t long before the eyes start to […]

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chat speak, text speak & emoji's

Chat speak, tech talk and emoji’s

Chat speak, tech speak, short cuts wreaking havoc on the english language? Or perhaps another link back to the caveman? Recently, diet gurus have urged us to turn back time to replicate the culinary lifestyles of those wandering the earth thousands of years ago. Now it seems, our form of communication appears to be heading […]

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Top Digital Parenting Posts of 2014

As we pack up the Christmas tree and pop the champas on another rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”, it’s time to reflect on the year that was. I hope it was a good year for you. If it wasn’t so great, I hope you found the love and support from those close to you to […]

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building self esteem

Building children’s self esteem away from the screens

How do we build our child’s self esteem away from the screens? Away from the likes and followers and shares that have become the social currency for popularity, confidence and self worth? There is no doubt that uploading a photo online becomes a way to measure status. I read recently about the ‘100 plus or […]

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social networking apps

What age should kids be allowed on social networking sites?

So what age should our kids be allowed on social networking sites? This past week, and indeed for many years for those of us working in this space, the ‘argument’ about when to let kids have access to social networking sites and apps, has been an ongoing debate and was recently once more brought to […]

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Sexting Laws

What do new sexting laws mean for parents?

It is no surprise that our kids are increasingly socialising and interacting online and via social networking platforms. It also should come as no surprise that with this increase, particularly by adolescents, the corresponding increase of risqué and risk taking behaviour will occur. The sharing of images between consenting and not so consenting teens, and […]

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rate me selfies

The selfie kids: Is this the best we can do to build self-esteem?

Are todays kids all about selfie poses and narcissistic self gratification? One only needs to scroll through an Instagram feed or check out the Facebook or Ask.Fm timelines of a few kids to see a pattern of egocentricity that permeates the social networking sites of todays adolescents. Is it that todays kids are different to […]

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Sexting and the law: why we are all confused

When it comes to sexting and the law, it seems our families, schools and the law enforcers themselves are increasingly concerned, confused and frustrated.  With good reason. The technology our children are immersed in has led to profound changes to the way they socialise, interact and even flirt. As a result, widespread sexting leaves our […]

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