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To friend or not to friend: should parents and their kids be Facebook friends?

To friend or not to friend….is this a facebook dilemma for parents…or is it a no brainer? Many people ask me whether they should insist on being their child’s facebook friend in order to allow them to set up an account. The answer I believe should be based on a few different factors, such as […]

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The positive role of technology: why parents should embrace the online world

Technology, the Internet and our children’s engagement with the online world have lead to many favourable advancements and developments for our children as well as some positive outcomes for their emotional and social wellbeing. When we think of technology and the online world and the ramifications for our children, we instinctively think of the negative […]

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Speaking our childrens language: chat speak and internet acronyms

When reading over the shoulder of a young persons internet chatting or mobile phone texting, one could be forgiven for believing they had come across a whole new language. And, well, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. The rise in technology has meant an enormous change in the way our kids communicate. To keep […]

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From child to adult…the social and emotional changes affecting our teenagers

“People spend their childhood learning to be like their parents and their adolescence learning who they are and how they are different from their parents”   Miriam Kaufman This quote pretty much sums up the effect of the emotional and social changes that take place when a child makes the transition from pre-pubescent ball of wonder […]

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