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Rituals to make our kids more Resilient

To safely interact online it is becoming increasingly evident that our kids are going to require more resilience than ever before. Whilst we like focus on teaching kindness and the importance of empathy, it is unfortunately very true of this new world, that when communicating online, we open ourselves up to all sorts of personalities […]

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Hanging out online? Grow some thick skin and build on that resilience

Hanging out online, putting forth your ideas, sharing your thoughts, opinions and emotions for the whole world to view and digest, has become one of the primary ways we communicate, are entertained and seek out information. The freedom we have to share all of this, means we are also opening the door to be praised, […]

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Equality is not always the answer. Why we cant always be fair…

“That is sooooooo not fair” wailed my 9  year old from the bathroom. Not really sure what he was wailing about but my swift response was an equally pained cry of “guess what buddy….life’s not fair!”  You see I know that my kids get ample amounts of everything. They get ample amounts of love, attention, toys, books, games, clothes, […]

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Stop bailing out the kids – and give them the skills to help themselves

It is only natural when our children are faced with loss, failure, disappointment or rejection that we want to step in, take away the loss, ease the pain of failure, counteract the disapointment and reverse the effects of rejection . Nothing breaks our hearts more than hearing our kids lament that they had no-one to […]

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