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Convincing parents to say ‘Yes’ to technology, social networks and screentime

Do your parents need convincing when it comes to technology? Are you a child who has been asking mum and dad for a new device, access to a social network or more screen time? Or are you a parent with a child wanting a new device, access to a social network or more screen time?

Yes? Then kids, have a read of the below and give your parents the confidence that you have all of the below covered and you can be a safe, responsible digital citizen.  And parents, get your child to read below to give them some guidelines about what is expected if they are to be granted their technology wish.

Here’s what you need to prove to parents, in order to instil in them the trust they need, to know they are doing the right things online and around screen time and devices.

  • Are you showing great kindness and empathy in your real life relationships. Are you helping and sharing with siblings? Are you being aware of the feelings and emotions of others?
  • Have you admitted when you have made a mistake and talked about how you would do things differently in the future. Have you seen others mistakes and thought about how to avoid those situations yourself?
  • Can you show the the great things you have found online. Have you been alerted to a social cause or had your awareness raised in some way? Have you used your skills and imagination to create something with the technology, a song, a movie, a game?
  • Are you getting outside, running, jumping, enjoying nature, getting fresh air often?
  • Are you active in sport, theatre or a community group of some kind? Are you volunteering time to help others even?
  • Could you use your knowledge of technology to help your parents do something? Help a grandparent set up their Skype account or share things with family members?
  • Are you keeping up to date with school work?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you coming to the dinner table each night without a complaint and without any technology?
  • Can you stick to games, interactions and content that is developmentally and age appropriate?
  • Are you being conscious of your digital footprint and the way you are being perceived online?

Got all those things down pat? Think you will be able to keep up with these expectations? If you can, then, more than likely, your parents will see that you are using the technology for good, that you are in control and that they have made the right decision in giving you a device, a social network or more screen time.

Of course we all need to have rules and boundaries around how our families incorporate technology into the home.  So set about being a safe and smart user of technology whilst all the while respecting decisions and acknowledging concerns. Because ultimately of course, the final say must lay with the parents, who will no doubt only have your very best interests at heart.

Is there something you really want when it comes to technology? What about your kids? Are they hankering for something you are not ready for them to have?

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    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      Thanks Robyna, there certainly is 🙂

  1. I will be getting my children to read this. I am happy for them to be on technology but with it takes responsibility and your points are perfect

    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      Thanks Natalie, I probably should give it to mine to read too!

  2. Emily

    Great post! Bookmarking for future reference (and sharing) when the kids are older.

    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      Thanks Emily

  3. Kate

    Love this very clear and achievable list!

    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      Thanks Kate 🙂

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