cyberbullying what is it

Cyberbullying: what does it look like ?

The bullying that takes place online or via any technological device is known as cyberbullying. The more we are consumed by the technology, the more that issues such as cyberbullying arise. And it is an issue that I find really concerns parents. And rightfully so. There have been way too many devastating outcomes when a young person has been bullied online. We need to cut through some of the noise and look at what cyberbullying is, how it differs to real life bullying, are they related, what should kids be doing in response and what can parents do in support.

Let’s start by looking at what behaviours constitute cyberbullying. It is not just a nasty troll we need to tell our kids to ignore. It can be much more complicated than that, especially when so much of our kids world is online.

Here are some of the ways our kids may be cyberbullied, or indeed be cyberbullying others.

We will continue this conversation over the coming weeks to help us all understand how we can better deal with all forms of bullying behaviours.

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