A Fathers Day Interview and some daddy bloggers

Happy Fathers Day to all fathers. To those staring with amazement into the eyes of their newborn as they hold their babies for the first time. To those who are relishing the ‘all joy, less responsibility’ of becoming a Grandfather. To those who are experiencing Fathers Day without their own fathers. To those who are missing a child that should be with them this Fathers Day. To those not able to be with their families for whatever the reason. To those waking up to all sorts of gems purchased lovingly and enthusiastically from the Fathers Day stall.

Happy Fathers Day to my beautiful dad who is just the very best dad ever. Joined in awesomeness only by my fabulous husband who is also the very best dad ever.

This year I thought I would interview the 4 year old to discover a little more about what his dad means to him.

Me: So what is special about your dad?

Mr 4: Well I would like him to be a hero

Me: Oh, don’t you think he is already a hero?

Mr 4: No he’s not a superhero

Me: But he’s still pretty cool?

Mr 4: yeah, he’s funny

Me: So what does dad do for work?

Mr 4: He goes on the train and takes a computer

Me: What do you think he does on the computer?

Mr 4: He watches the horse racing

Me: What sorts of things do you like doing with your dad?

Mr 4: I like playing tennis. And sometimes he tickles me. He takes me to the footy.

Me: Is dad a good cook?

Mr 4: Yes

Me: Oh, what does he cook?

Mr 4: He makes toast and Nutri grain


Well he may not be a superhero but he is doing a few other things right. And makes a pretty mean bowl of cereal!

And I thought I would take this opportunity to mention some of the daddy bloggers that are doing fabulous things in the Australian blogosphere. Here are a few of my favourites:

Dad Down Under , Tackle NappyReservoir DadIlliterate Infant and Fast Lane Dad

or you can find them all hanging out at Aussie Daddy bloggers

So whatever you are doing and whoever you are spending it with, I hope you are enjoying the day dedicated to the very special role that fathers play in all our lives.


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  1. Kirsten

    Beautiful Teen and Mr.4! We all enjoyed reading this. Wishing you all, including the horse watching, funny, best cooker of toast and nutri grain Dad a wonderful day!

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