A letter from Santa for your new technology, games and devices

If your kids are getting some new technology this year, a game, iPod, ipod touch, phone , ipad or tablet, then here is a letter you can put in the stocking to help them remember the rules of owning this very powerful technology.




And for a PDF version to print out:

Santa Letter for technology and devices

Enjoy and please feel free to share with your friends x

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  1. Lydia C. Lee

    I’ve said it before – I love your blog.
    Happy xmas and enjoy the break.

  2. Neets

    Absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous Christmas.

  3. Annie

    This is a great idea, and never too late to implement, even if Santa delivered the goods last year. And I really should have had this printed to the Ipod Touches in 2012!

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  5. Kristy

    Hi Martine,

    This is a GREAT idea for parents (I mean Santa) and even better, it gives kids clear boundaries and parameters about what’s expected.

    Thanks I’ll be sharing it with my community.


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