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Empowering parents, students and teachers with informative, relevant and engaging presentations to face the challenges of a digital world

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I'm Martine Oglethorpe and I can help you understand your child’s world for better family connections and safe, responsible and savvy kids. I also help schools provide for their students and teachers the best information, understanding and strategies to ensure kids are getting the very best that the technology has to offer,  whilst helping them face the challenges and avoid the pitfalls of a digital world. 

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Information is aimed at parents of children of all ages, from pre-school to teens.
Parenting and technology is an ever changing issue that needs
attention and recognition.

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Providing students with information
about their digital habits and how
it can compromise their physical,
social-emotional health
and attention spans.

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My presentations will offer a
comprehensive but relevant overview
of what our children are facing right
now and can be tailored to
specific needs of a group.

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Remain connected to your child throughout your parenting journey

From toddlers to teens, this comprehensive ebook will give you understanding and
proven strategies to help you and your kids navigate the modern world.

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