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Providing students with information
about their digital habits and how
it can compromise their physical,
social-emotional health
and attention spans.

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My presentations will offer a
comprehensive but relevant overview
of what our children are facing right
now and can be tailored to
specific needs of a group.

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Remain connected to your child throughout your parenting journey

From toddlers to teens, this comprehensive ebook will give you understanding and
proven strategies to help you and your kids navigate the modern world.

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Webinar -Driven-to-distraction - The Modern Parent

Driven To Distraction: Helping families stay in control of their digital devices

Webinar Recording - Incorporate the technology and devices into our homes in a way that allows for positive use & engagement and to provide balance for the many other elements that we need to fit into our lives.

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Childhood Anxiety- What’s Normal?

Anxiety can be a normal part of human functioning and something that we all experience to some degree. As a parent with an overly anxious child however, this can be extremely heartbreaking to watch, not to mention frustrating and downright annoying, particularly when it interferes with everyday routines or planned activities. The child that wont […]

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Helping Kids with Friendships- From Toddlers to Teens

“Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.” — Baltasar Gracian (1647) Friendships are some of the most important relationships we have throughout our lives. How we find them, make them, keep them and interact with them can be all of rewarding, fulfilling, challenging and sometimes even heartbreaking. Our friendship groups change as […]

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  Could you do with the occasional reminder of all the great things that you have in life?  Are there times when it seems that nothing is going right and that everything is against you?  Or is it simply the case that there is nothing new, motivating or exciting  going on?  Or…..are you like me and always liked the idea of keeping a […]

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From child to adult…the social and emotional changes affecting our teenagers

“People spend their childhood learning to be like their parents and their adolescence learning who they are and how they are different from their parents”   Miriam Kaufman This quote pretty much sums up the effect of the emotional and social changes that take place when a child makes the transition from pre-pubescent ball of wonder […]

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