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Equality is not always the answer. Why we cant always be fair…

“That is sooooooo not fair” wailed my 9  year old from the bathroom. Not really sure what he was wailing about but my swift response was an equally pained cry of “guess what buddy….life’s not fair!”  You see I know that my kids get ample amounts of everything. They get ample amounts of love, attention, toys, books, games, clothes, […]

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Sibling Rivalry- Strategies to Manage the Inevitable!

Sibling rivalry, like parent guilt, tantrums and snotty noses seem to be part of the whole ‘parenting package’. Can we win the war, or should we simply be prepared to manage the individual battles whilst minimising the casualties? These are some of the things my kids fight over: TV, Xbox and computer usage, who cheated when playing ‘2 square’, […]

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Stop bailing out the kids – and give them the skills to help themselves

It is only natural when our children are faced with loss, failure, disappointment or rejection that we want to step in, take away the loss, ease the pain of failure, counteract the disapointment and reverse the effects of rejection . Nothing breaks our hearts more than hearing our kids lament that they had no-one to […]

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Being The Best Parent You Can Be

How can you be the best parent you can be?  How do you know that you are doing the best job when others are doing things differently? I thought about this question when reading extensively on what makes for great parenting and how best we can enrich the lives of our children.  It can be […]

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Helping Children Grieve Part 3: Practical ways for parents to help their children cope with loss

My previous posts have looked at helping children grieve and how a childs age and development can determine their reaction to grief. I will finish this by looking at some concrete ways in which we can help support our children through these difficult times.   Provide a safe place for them to vent their emotions. This […]

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