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Protect your devices from damage: Tech21 impact case giveaway

Is there anything more devastating than dropping the phone or tablet, reaching down to pick it up and finding a shattered screen? Well yes of course there is, but it is pretty much up there for emotional and financial distress. My own experience happened when trying to bring in the groceries. Why do we insist on loading up every inch of finger, wrist and arm space with shopping bags cutting off circulation and dropping the phone on the driveway just so we dont have to do more trips to the car and back? Anyway that particular lesson proved expensive as you cant even go to the dodgy or not so dodgy phone fixer guy with the iphone 5 as they are made in a way that screens cant be taken off and fixed and it is all joined up requiring, well pretty much a whole new phone.

Now with our kids having phones and tablet devices the fear is even greater. My 13 year old still walks in the house throws his bag on the floor and proceeds to make his way to the fridge without batting an eyelid. “Mate, have you forgotten there is an ipad in there?” Now if he finds that difficult to remember, heaven help the little 5 year olds who will be trotting off to Prep next year, ipad in bag as part of the BYOD programs.

There are a few protective cases and screen shields on the market but when I was offered to try the Tech21  range of cases I thought I would give them a whirl….or a bash…..or a drop. The techy stuff says that is is made with intelligent design and innovative materials like D30 impact protection and BASF Polymer. With everyday use the molecules flow freely but upon shock or impact they lock together absorbing and dispersing the impact force. What got me over the line however was the fact that this is the stuff they use for bulletproof glass. So next time I read a dodgy comment, a nasty Facebook  or twitter update I can just get out the shot gun and fire away at the phone or ipad and we all walk away unscathed  (Please don’t try that at home)

So if you have a new device ready to go under the Christmas tree or if you indeed regularly try to carry too many things at once then you may well need to invest in the Tech21 protections cases and screen shields. The range is available for a huge range of Apple and Samsung products, plus other smartphones, tablets and laptops and prices start at $29.95.

Or if you would like to win one, just let me know why you think this would be a valuable asset for you or your kids. I have one of each of the following to give away so be sure to include in the comments which one you would like.

1) 1 x Tech 21 clear iPhone 5 impact Band case with an impact Shield screen protector

2) 1 x Tech21 white ipad mini impact mesh case

3) 1 x Samsung Galaxy S4 Impact Mesh case with an impact Shield screen protector

Competition is a quick one closing on Tuesday 17th Dec 2013, 9 pm so we can try and get them to you by Christmas.

And here is a little video to explain it more scientifically!


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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Jennifer B.

    How often have my kids’ phone fallen out of their jeans pockets.
    Onto the bathroom floor. Killed. Dead.
    Enough that they need this!

    (iPhone 5 impact Band case please.)

  2. Jenna

    My Galaxy S4 is still awaiting repair after i dropped it on the floor in a shop. Sadly the current budget hasn’t had enough wiggle room for it to be repaired. Once it is repaired, i will be doing whatever i can to prevent another breakage.

    (S4 Impact Case please.)

  3. Kim m

    I haven’t broken a screen yet, but I have had my phone for quite a while now, so maybe I’m tempting fate and need one of these? I think….

    Iphone 5 if I was licky enough to win. Thanks

  4. Lydia C. Lee

    So I have the ugliest phone case that is rock hard, because I drop my phone at least once a week – so far it’s survived but it now does empty my contacts from time to time (but I dropped it in the pool too). I also washed my husbands phone last week – that did not survive.
    As for the ipads, the kids leave them on the floor in the middle of the room…so that’s juust a matter of time…
    What can I say? I’m old and all this constant technology is not good for my clumsiness…

  5. Ai Sakura

    Is this an international giveaway? If it is, add in my entry! 🙂

    Would love the iPad mini case to protect it more as it bring it out and about for work. I’m such a klutz and it would certainly help!

  6. Wendy Parks

    I myself, am device poor 🙁
    But my step daughter has just got into an extension program for grade 7 that requires she has an iPad mini. So excited for her!…so there is one under the Christmas tree, but we don’t want her to use it until it’s protected.
    She travels and hour on the train straight from school to spend weekends with us, so the iPad is going to be very mobile and needs excellent protection.
    I would sooo love to win 1 x Tech21 white ipad mini impact mesh case.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Janine

    So thankful that my phone hasn’t yet been damaged when I’ve been clumsy, had my hands full or my kids have absconded with it to play some games!
    (iPhone 5)

  8. Emma Fahy Davis

    Wow, I never knew the iPhone5 screens can’t be replaced 🙁 I had my iPhone4 screen repaired at least 4 times after dropping it, but fortunately since I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Note II I haven’t had any breakages despite dropping it equally as frequently.

  9. Lauren A

    After years of having my heart set on an iPad, and never getting one, I know for a fact that there is a mini iPad now sitting under the tree with my name on it. I also know that if I break it, I won’t be getting another one for a very long time. So I would love a Tech 21 case for it to save both my iPad and my heart from breaking.

  10. Lisa G

    I’d love, appreciate and be grateful for a Tech 21 impact mesh case for my ipad mini which I’ve had a few close calls on for breakage, so this would be brilliant.

  11. Charlotte

    The Tech 21 clear iPhone 5 impact Band case with an impact Shield screen protector would be an absolutely perfect Christmas gift to myself (because let’s face it, who else is going to buy for me when I’m playing Santa for everyone in the family this year?!) to go with the new phone I plan on splurging on… I’ve always had brick phones and when I finally branched out to a smart phone it broke down and the related tech support was dreadful and never got back to me 🙁 Apple seems like a smart way to go and I’d love to be able to safeguard my phone from the moment I get it as it will be very precious to me!

    Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas!

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