Santa's Magical Kingdom

Santa’s Magical Kingdom: win a family pass

I think we are coming up to our 5th Santa’s Magical Kingdom this year. It has certainly become a family tradition right up there with decorating the Christmas tree and making shortbread.

I love the idea of traditions for the fun and excitement they bring, and for the memories they create. I have also spoken many times of the importance of rituals and family experiences that bring kids a sense of security, belonging and safety. Having nightly, weekly and even yearly traditions helps kids stay connected.

The great thing about Santa’s Magical Kingdom is that it covers the bases for all my kids ages, which is not always an easy feat these days.  The big kids love the big slide, the older rides and the circus acts whilst the little ones love the ferris wheel, making gingerbread, the snow room, the storytelling, Father Christmas and the general magic, colour, decorations and lights get us all excited about the festive season.

Here are a few pics of our past Santa’s Magical Kingdom visits.

Santas Magical Kingdom

Santas magical kingdom

If you would like to win a free family pass for the Melbourne Santa’s Magical Kingdom on Saturday November 21st at 10am,  then simply leave a comment below telling me about one of your Christmas traditions, either from your own childhood or the traditions you are creating now with your own families. And remember to like this Facebook page and the Santa’s Magical Kingdom facebook page.

Competition closes Tuesday 10th November 5pm aest.

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  1. travis bull

    I have a great family tradition, we have a bauble for all our family members who has passed away that we put up on yhe xmas tree to include them in Christmas

  2. Grace

    How I wish I lived in Melbourne during times like these! Santa’s Magic Kingdom looks like so much fun – my boys would love it!

  3. Michelle V

    For the past few years, my three young daughters and I “buy” items from the World Vision Smiles catalogue, or the Oxfam Unwrapped site. They usually choose an item each, and get a personalised card, which they display in their bedrooms, but this year because they are all at school, I think we will buy a gift for each of their teachers, and they can give the card to their teacher in lieu of a traditional Christmas gift. I want to teach my daughters that Christmas isn’t just about receiving, but giving too.

  4. jody buhagiar

    Christmas traditions we have lots, cheer!!
    carrots for reindeer and Santa gets beer.
    Midnight mass, opening one present.
    a little sip of egg nog, xmas supplement.

  5. Di

    Decorating the Christmas tree, together as a family on Christmas Eve. Then the kids going to bed so Santa can come, while I stay up baking & decorating festive ginger bread folk for our Christmas lunch with all the extended family. During this time, hubby works his wonderful mischief, partially gnawing at carrots and cookies left out, adhering white Father Christmas like hair to the mug of milk or (drained) beer glass left out, along with muddy hoof prints and boot prints heading up to the front door. He really goes all out. It really is a magical time of year.

  6. Beck Andrew

    Our most recent tradition is spending the whole day and night of Christmas eve together as a family. No last minute shopping, no stressing, no outings or visitors, just my husband, myself and the kids, relaxing, watching christmasy movies, eating, enjoying each others company.
    Its so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the “silly season” that we decided we needed to rediscover what Christmas was to our family.

  7. Anastasia

    fresh pyjamas purchased and worn every new years eve

  8. Renee Ballantyne

    My hubby and I have a tradition of getting a bottle of Bailey’s and putting up the Christmas tree on the first weekend of December

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