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Science Apps for Kids: The Human Body, Dinopedia and Planets

This weeks apps look at some great science apps for kids of all ages.  Probably best suited to the primary school child, but suitable for all ages, especially if they have a particular interest in a topic.

The Human Body

human body app

Ages: Safe for any ages, however I would say primary kids and above would get the most out of this app

App Description: This app explores the human body, so kids can learn how the organs and systems interact with each other. It has 6 interactive layers of the body so they can investigate the skeletal, nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory and muscular systems. The app also makes use of the camera to examine eyesight and the microphone for hearing. You can even put some food in to the body and watch what the body does with it!

Learning benefits: Aimed at teaching the way the body functions and how each system interacts with the organs, there is enormous scope for learning about how the body works. There are no levels or tasks to complete, just a lot of answers to the curious mind.

Verdict: Easy to use for the primary school aged child but certainly something many older kids and even adults could learn a lot from. No advertising, marketing or in-app purchasing (except the urogenital system which can be purchased via parents section)

Available: $3.99 on iPad and iPhone

Ultimate Dinopedia

dinosaur app

Ages: Any kids interested in dinosaurs, however there lots of words, so probably better suited to the young reader or primary aged child and beyond.

App Description: A dinosaur encyclopedia from National Geographic. Simply swipe through hundreds of dinosaurs for the most comprehensive and up to date look at the world of dinosaurs.

Learning Benefits: Over 700 dinosaurs to learn about, including pictures, facts, stories and even some short videos. Learn how to pronounce the names, what they ate, where they were found, when they lived, how big they were and what fossils were found.

Verdict: Great for dinosaur enthusiasts. A little on the pricier side as far as apps go, but worth it if you think its something your child would love.  It may be an overload of information for the younger dinosaur enthusiast, but definitely a lot of great facts and interesting stories for those wanting a little more dinosaur detail.

Available: iPad only $6.49


planet app

Ages: Preschoolers  (they may enjoy checking out the moon rising and planets) through to adults.

App Description: This app shows you what planets are visible in the sky based on the time of day, the date and the time zone. It gives a guide to the solar system with the ability to locate the planets with a 2D, flat view of the sky, or 3D planetarium style. It also has a rotating 3D globe of the earth and moon and can give visibility times for certain planets.

Learning Benefits: By aiming the iPad at the sky you can see what constellations are there, so certainly a great way to enthuse learning and help kids to develop a love of astronomy. By clicking on each planet or the sun or moon, you can get a guide to rising and setting times. angular distance above the horizon, the type of planet, radius, mass etc

Verdict: A great app for the beginner with a curious interest in the solar system tight up to the fairly established astronomer.  Fun and educational way to look at locating constellations and planets.

Available: Free on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Have you found any great apps for a particular area of interest for your child? Or are their any apps that have helped motivate them to explore a subject further?

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  1. EssentiallyJess

    I like the idea of the planet one! Although now with daylight savings, my kids are mostly all in bed before the sun goes down. I might like it though 🙂

    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      Yes that is definitely one the adults can have lots of fun with Jess!

  2. The planets one sounds cool. Miss almost-3 is obsessed with the moon so I think she would like that, and being able to see what else is in the sky other than the moon and stars.

    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      Yes it’s a great app Kylie and a good way to get kids interested in learning more.

  3. Josh Myers

    Ultimate dinopedia sounds perfect for my little girl. She’s fascinated with them. SimpleK12

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