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Half way through the year and I thought I’d take this opportunity to give a little more of me and share and reflect a little, both personally and professionally. A little fun exercise I saw over at Style and Shenanigans, where Vanessa answered a number of word prompts to give a snapshot of how things were looking for her now. I thought this could also be a great exercise to do with kids. Choose a few prompts and get them talking and reflecting on whats going on in their world right now. Feel free to do this too, and either share your answers in the comments, on your own blog, or just write them down on a piece of paper as a fun and possibly therapeutic exercise! Here are my answers……

Making: movies. Gathering up all my video footage and photos from the past year and making them in to movies. The kids love watching themselves on the big screen, and putting their memories to music gives them a whole new dimension and they feel a little like a moviestar!

Cooking: lots of party food recently, with lots of birthdays and entertaining. Although fairy bread probably doesn’t count as cooking. But there has been some other stuff and I will also be investigating what to bring to our next Donna Hay food club night this month. I think I am on sides or entree….

birthday cakes

Drinking: wine….I am doing this on a Saturday night after all…

Reading: ‘A God in Ruins’ by Kate Atkinson. I read the prequel ‘Life after Life’ and it was one of my favourite reads from last year.  As a history buff I love a good historic novel.

Wanting: People to stop being crazy, and delusional and selfish and I know I know…. I spent a good deal of time being a counsellor, I know this ain’t happening any time soon.

Looking: at the footy right now (and will be again tomorrow with my boys, only it will be a little cooler in real life and not in the comfort of my lounge room and fireplace)

Playing: Uno with the 6 year old….and the big boys and their cousins have been introduced to Cluedo and loving it. Mr 12 wants to challenge me to a game this week.

Deciding: On what my next work project will be. Maybe a podcast, maybe a video series……mmmmm what to do?

Wishing: for an end to domestic violence, terrorism, drug abuse and associated violence, road trauma, child poverty, childhood disease, an end to cancer…..sounding a little like a beauty pageant speech now and possibly foolishly optimistic….. but if wishes came true….

Enjoying: School holidays with sleep ins, no lunches, no sports practices and no running around. I love that I’ve managed to nick down the coast for a couple of short getaways to get some ocean air and enjoy some beautiful walks.


Waiting: For this cold weather to hurry up and finish

Liking: A new TV series Banshee we are watching. Pretty violent but there’s something that really intrigues me. I love the cross culture dynamics between the Amish communities, the native Indians and the somewhat crazy white man criminal. One of those shows that feels wrong on many levels but kind of addictive.

Wondering: where this year has gone already! A cliche I know but I can’t believe we are over half way!

Loving: That my big boys are still happy to give me a cuddle….

Pondering: that there is only 18 months left where I have a little person at home with me during the week. After 15 years it will be quite a moment that I’m not sure I will be ready for! Well part of me will……


Considering: What to do about a certain person who is ….well basically not a nice person. Approach and stop the behaviour, or continue to ignore, feel pity and be grateful I never have to stoop to her lengths?

Watching: Watched “Inside Out”. I’m not usually a fan of kids movies but I really really loved this. It may have gone over the heads of some of the younger kids, but so so clever.

Hoping: my football team can string a few more wins together this half of the season

Marvelling: at some of the untapped talent we have in this country (watching The Voice)

Needing: a holiday in the sun. Well not necessarily needing it but it would be nice.

Smelling: popcorn….actually it smells like burnt popcorn but I think they have ditched that and made a new batch!

Wearing: lots of clothes…. jumpers, boots, scarves, beanies and jackets.

Following: lots of people on Periscope…it seems everyone is getting in on the act. Finding it a little addictive

Noticing: Kids are capable of doing great things, especially on social media and technology. Sometimes we only think abut the not so good stuff, but there is plenty of great things we need to encourage.

Knowing: I don’t have all the answers and being OK with that

Thinking: about getting started on writing some articles for other publications rather than procrastinating and doing other things

Feeling: a little clucky after just editing a photography session with a newborn. I don’t get to do as much photography lately but when I do I love it…..especially when they are this cute!


Admiring: The amazing group of photographers I work with at Heartfelt and the dedication and compassion that is shown by so many in the worst possible moments for those families that need us.

Sorting: Well with so many kids that don’t stop growing I feel like I am always sorting! Shoes that 3 months ago were brand new suddenly don’t fit and need to be passed down….but then that child doesn’t like that colour, or that style ….

Buying: a brand new car! It’s been 11 years since we last bought a car and the time has come. I am really really hoping this one can be kept void of food and rubbish and sand and ……crap……but I know this is highly unlikely

Getting: excited about the next half of the year. So many great things to come both personally and professionally. Looking forward to helping more families and kids make better connections with greater understanding and perspective


Bookmarking: Trying to come up with a better system of bookmarking great articles etc. I have used so many apps, in fact I have so many on the go at once that I am keen to streamline a way and time to just read stuff.

Disliking: horrible events of last weekend with the death of an AFL football coach. Hating the disconnect that happens in families and the drugs that make it so so much worse.


Opening: emails…..always opening but never deleting. That is one of my goals for the second half of the year. To get a better email system happening so I dont have 2000 on the go at any one time!

Giggling: at my 3 year old. He is so wise beyond his years but he just continues to make me laugh each and every day

There you have it! Interestingly the 2 that I skipped and had to go back to were ‘needing’ and ‘wishing’. I hope I can put that down to the fact that I am happy and content just the way things are 🙂


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  1. Oh I love this Martine! Loved hearing your musings and wonderings. Glad you’ve had such a great break too and looking forward to catching up next week. x

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