Time: should we take another look at how we use it?

The most common response when you ask someone “how are you?” on any given day, more than likely has the word ‘busy’ featured heavily in the reply. Not having enough time is certainly an affliction that seems to be plaguing most of us trying to juggle family, partner, kids, work commitments, a social life and all important ‘me time’. As a mother of 5 boys and working on a business from home, time, or lack thereof, is certainly one of my catchphrases.

Last week I was fortunate enough to go on a fabulous week long holiday with my family and the notion of ‘time’ kept popping in to play. I seemed to be getting these constant reminders about time, the importance we place on getting more of it but at the end of the day our inability to stop it ticking along.

On the plane I read an article about a woman with 9 kids who was also a CEO of a large company and still had time each week to devote to each child separately…..she always wants more time but she is making a good go of what she has and appeared to achieve so much.

I read about a young girl who committed suicide after online bullying…..if only she had more time to be shown that life had so much more to offer her.

I organised a Heartfelt photography session for a family whose baby was given only days if not hours or minutes to live after birth….the preciousness of that time cannot be put in to words.

I read Mitch Albom’s book “The Time Keeper” which is essentially about how we would change the way we live if we did have more time.

I had a dinner in the outback under the stars whilst a guy with a laser pointed at stars and galaxies hundreds of thousands of light years away….lets say they have been there for quite some time

I touched geographical formations that began forming 300 million years ago. I saw a massive rock that the dinosaurs would also have laid eyes on.

I counted down the days of my holiday wanting time to slow down so I didn’t have to return to washing, cooking, supermarkets, homework supervising, sweeping and cleaning.

On the return trip I planned out a schedule of how my work could better fit in to my lifestyle. I had written previously about our reliance on mobile phones and our lack of control and subsequent failure to often connect with people. I wanted to take some of the lessons I learnt whilst away of limiting the use of the phone whilst others were around. Especially the kids.  I want to be better at allocating time for certain tasks, whilst freeing up other time to do whatever comes along.

I am hoping to be ok to sit outside and watch the boys play without feeling guilty that I could be doing something else. To enjoy coffee with friends (ok so I am already pretty good at this one).

To do more work when kids are asleep, more than likely in the morning as I am generally a little more switched on at that hour!

To devote certain times of the day to checking emails/facebook and twitter feeds so as not to be distracted constantly. To get over the FOMO….the fear of missing out

I’d like to go back to meal planning so I don’t waste time (and money) going to the supermarket 5 times a week

I actually think I fit a lot in to most days. I am pretty good at time management and getting things done. But it is something I think we can always have another look at….especially if it is in order to free ourselves up to live in the moment and enjoy more of the little things. You will not see any major changes to the way I live…but already I am just that little more conscious of how I spend my time.

I know we have no power to control the passage of time, but we do have control over how we use it.

Could you make some changes to how you spend your time?

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  1. Lydia C. Lee

    Most definitely. I am leaving my phone in other rooms to engage more with the kids (I am very bad with that!) I am trying to direct more time specifically to my partner. I need to devote a bit more time to tidying but that’s not such an important thing for me…

  2. Toni @ Finding Myself Young

    I am trying to make a concious decision to spend less time on my phone when my baby is awake. I’m actually starting to realise if I only use my phone when shes asleep (usually on me hence using mobile not laptop) I actually appreciate it a lot more and I get to engage a lot more with her. Facebook will always be there but my baby will only be a baby for so long.

  3. Bec @ The Plumbette

    Yes, I could manage my time better but I also think it’s important to not be too rigid either. I know that if I organize myself to work early in the morning or at night, I can be fully engaged with the kids during the day and my husband on the weekends.

  4. Hi there, I find that only checking my email at set times is really good. I did take the email off my phone but put it on again one day when out and waiting for an email. Must take it off again.

    I spend my life trying to do less and then taking on more, it’s just silly. So this week I have been taking things out of my life… and aim to get out to the beach more often over summer. I did swim laps and do a surf lesson this week – when kids were at school – and honestly, how much happier was I? A LOT… and how much better was I when with the kids – A LOT.

    Slowing down is so good… I have been telling myself this for twenty years and no doubt the refrain will be heard for 20 more!

  5. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    This weekend I spent both days with my parents at their hotel resort so the kids could swim/play all day, so no computers, phones, social media, well just a tiny bit and I loved it! I think I will do it more, work harder on getting over FOMO, just do things at my own pace and this way I think I’ll find hidden time! 🙂

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