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Top 20 posts on digital parenting for 2013


This past year I have written numerous posts on what it means for our kids to live in a world that is largely online, and what that means for us as parents as we try to safely navigate them through it. I will no doubt write many more this year. I will write some that I havn’t even imagined I will write yet. That is because this world is constantly changing and we as parents must constantly change our views, our understanding, our advice and our knowledge of what our kids are doing, how they are doing it and how we can best support them and provide them with the most useful and relevant guidance.

Here are some that I wrote in 2013. All these posts in some way look at the challenges faced by us and our kids as we adapt to the changing landscape, and give realistic strategies to ensure we are dealing with them the best we can.

Snapchat and Poke: better or worse for Sexting

The downside to being socially switched on all the time 

Why parents of preschoolers need to learn about cybersafety

Rights and Responsibilities online

4 things I do everyday to keep my kids safe online

4 things parents shouldnt do with their kids online

Teaching the social and emotional skills to be safe online

Why I let my kids on Instagram and Kik

Sexting and the law: why we are all confused

Why Kids on show with risky revelations

Toddlers and Technology: Are we exposing them to the screens too early?

Digital self-harm: What parents need to know

Teach your kids to be safe on social networking: dont rely on safe sites, settings, banning and blocking

Can socialising online with your kids improve your relationship 

Hanging out online: grow some thick skin and build some resilience

The selfie kid: is this the best we can do to build self esteem?

BYOD to the classroom: helping or hindering children’s learning

An interview with a teenager: what do they really think about online safety?

10 ways to keep your kids and their mobile devices safe

Social media and Teens: the survey results

Wow, forgot how many I’d actually done!

Thanks again for reading, and remember to let me know if there is any specific you want covered. If you want to keep up to date with all future posts, then sign up to my newsletter, follow on Twitter or like my facebook page. 

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  1. Kimberley M

    Love it, Martine. You are my go-to for this stuff. I have my own opinions of course and they are in keeping with yours so it’s good to feel vindicated in a way! I am such a believer in what my friend calls “benign neglect” – parenting with a long leash whilst educating them on the pitfalls of SM etc. Let’s face it, there will come a time when our kids live their lives online in a way and we must prepare them for it! Thanks for being my pillar of reason in all this! Kx

  2. Sheridan

    Absolutely loved the 4 things parents should not do with kids online. Especially the point about spying on your kids!!!
    A great bunch of articles to read through when I get the opportunity.
    Stopping by from IBOT!

  3. Emily

    Thanks for the list – very handy! And it’s making me feel old – thought I was au fait with this social meeja thing, but I haven’t heard of some of them!

  4. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    I have just forwarded this on to a friend who has a teenage son! I have to say that I agree with Em though, I feel very social media silly when I see all these new forums etc! Happy 2014 to you Martine 🙂

  5. Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    Thanks for this list Martine, I’ve bookmarked for future reference. It’s so overwhelming how fast everything changes!

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