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What girls really need to thrive online

What do we really need for young girls to thrive online?

When talking about the online behaviours, interactions, connections, consumption and everyday immersion into a world of technology, screens, gaming and devices, parents are often looking for the magic bullet to keep their young daughters safe online. To keep them mentally well. To keep them balanced and in control and in charge of how they turn up online. To stop them meeting predators, to ensure they are not caught up in a world of comparison and exclusion and bullying. To be sure that they are still particpiating in other real world pursuits and getting active with face to face connections and fresh air.

And there are certainly many things we can do as parents. Much information we can educate ourselves to. Many boundaries we can enforce. Many discussions we can have and much that we can do in terms of navigating this world together with our young people.

And I have written a whole book on many of the ways we can do this so I know that it isnt a “one size fits all” formula or indeed a magic bullet.

Thriving online and maintaining control over our online connections, interactions and behaviours, relies on so many aspects of a young girl’s growth, development and adolescent journey.

We need to ensure they have stability, security, rituals and routines that provide for a strong sense of self and a confidence to achieve.

It may mean understanding the importance of how they view themselves in positive ways, including their body image and how show up in a world of filters, influencers, selfies and the social currency of likes and comments.

It may mean focusing on positive role models and immersing in the wider community, helping others and ensuring they are feeling part of something bigger than themselves.

It may mean being able to manage anxiety and other mental health challenges in a way that doesnt see them played out in online spaces that exaccerbate their experiences or lead them to seek out people and places that further amplify those challenges.

It may mean being able to manage friendship dramas, prevent playground spats from spilling over to online chats and it may mean being able to handle all the good, the bad and the ugly of a seemingly simple group chat or status update.

It may mean managing all of the changes bought on by puberty, hormones and adolescent growth, in a world that sometimes seems to move faster than they are ready for.

It may mean exploring relationships, sexuality, broken hearts and disappointment in a world where emotions and misplaced trust can lead to mistakes, oversharing, embarrassment and shame…. all piled on to the everyday stressors of life today.

I recently recorded an interview with Dr Justin Coulson for his Miss Connection Summit on raising girls who thrive at life. I spoke about all of the things we can do to help young girls manage their screentime and their developing adolecence in and amongst this very permanent and public digital world. But of course as I have outlined, there are so many elements to raising great kids that relies on facing a myriad of challenges.  In this summit,  Justin will help you do just that,  by focusing on these crucial elements with 9 of the best experts in their field.

Here is the line up that absolutely will help you raise young girls who thrive,  both online and off.

Miss-connection experts

  • Turia Pitt on reseileince and doing the hard things in life (the price is worth it for this one speaker alone! she has certainly walked her talk!)
  • Taryn Brumfit on body image and embracing your body (crucial in this very social media, influencer, comparison soaked world)
  • Dr Ginni Mansberg on puberty and periods ( say no more!)
  • Rebecca Sparrow on ‘drama cyclones’ and friendships (crucial for any online interactions and group chat scenarios!)
  • Madonna King on fathers and daughters (author of 12 books, so she certainly knows her stuff)
  • Dr Jodi Richardson on anxiety (I have worked many times with Jodi and if anyone knows anything about anxiety and girls she is definelty well versed)
  • Michelle Mitchell on self harm (unfortunately an ever rising concern for parents of young girls and Michelle has so much wisdom, and written amazing books, on this very topic)
  • Paul Dillon on drugs and alcohol (another very precarious topic and one that can certainly play a big role in how our young girls lives sometimes play out online)

and of course myself on screens and teens and the fabulous Dr Justin Coulson (father of 6 daughters) on all the practical advice, research, tips and strategies to help you focus on the most important connection of all …the one you have with your daughter.

So if you would like to take up this fantastic offer and take $50 off the purchase price for this amazing summit of speakers, then click on the link here and grab your ticket. Once you have a ticket you can watch all the speakers either live or at any time that suits you, as many times as you want to for the rest of your life! That is pretty much the best value you will get in terms of expert parenting advice.

Miss-Connection Summit  

Please note the $99 price is only until September 28 when it will change to $149. (still great value but you may as well save some dollars)

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