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What age should kids be allowed on social networking sites?

So what age should our kids be allowed on social networking sites? This past week, and indeed for many years for those of us working in this space, the ‘argument’ about when to let kids have access to social networking sites and apps, has been an ongoing debate and was recently once more brought to […]

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Where two worlds collide: Problogger Training Event & the modern parent

I’m home from an amazing conference on the Gold Coast where 500 bloggers, including a bevy of local and international speakers, motivated, strategised and shared all their knowledge to those eager to consume and be inspired. As part of the Problogger team, my role as ‘Happiness Creator’ allowed me to help foster a friendly, welcoming […]

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Sexting Laws

What do new sexting laws mean for parents?

It is no surprise that our kids are increasingly socialising and interacting online and via social networking platforms. It also should come as no surprise that with this increase, particularly by adolescents, the corresponding increase of risqué and risk taking behaviour will occur. The sharing of images between consenting and not so consenting teens, and […]

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Rituals to make our kids more Resilient

To safely interact online it is becoming increasingly evident that our kids are going to require more resilience than ever before. Whilst we like focus on teaching kindness and the importance of empathy, it is unfortunately very true of this new world, that when communicating online, we open ourselves up to all sorts of personalities […]

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Is Our Natural Parenting Making Our Kids Bully?

Could the natural reaction of parents to their child’s behaviour be making them bullies? Or at the very least preventing them from developing empathy, understanding and the importance of respecting oneself and respecting others? Last week I was lucky enough to have a chat with Dr Justin Coulson,  about the research and real life experiences he […]

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