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cyber safe parenting

Cyber Safety and Parenting: Are we getting it right?

Do you think parents have a good understanding of what their kids are doing online?  Is ‘cyber safety’ something parents are really thinking about? Are the words ‘cyber safe’ even still necessary? Or should it all just come back to general parenting skills? Are we doing a good job of parenting in this area or […]

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online safety

Using teachable moments to keep kids safe online

Using teachable moments is one of the most effective strategies I have used to help keep kids safe and responsible online and help get them thinking about consequences to their behaviours and thinking.  We know most kids don’t respond well to lecturing. They tend to hear the first line, a few mumbles in the middle […]

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social networking apps

What age should kids be allowed on social networking sites?

So what age should our kids be allowed on social networking sites? This past week, and indeed for many years for those of us working in this space, the ‘argument’ about when to let kids have access to social networking sites and apps, has been an ongoing debate and was recently once more brought to […]

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