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online safety

5 Digital parenting beliefs you can kiss goodbye

With so much information going around about what is and isn’t appropriate for our kids to be doing online, it is little wonder parents are confused. Whilst it is a relatively new challenge, it doesn’t diminish the need ensure to be constantly  thinking about technology and devices and how they will fit in to the […]

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Kids & Online Gaming: A Parents guide to getting it right

Many kids are now playing games online with friends and I often have parents raise concerns over time spent online, inappropriate behaviours and bullying, that sometimes spills over into the playground.   Here is a quick and easy slideshow guide to help parents put in place some rules and boundaries to help keep kids playing […]

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privacy online

Teaching kids to be private in a public world: Is it possible?

“A child born today will grow up with no perception of privacy at all……they’ll never know what its like to have a private moment to themselves, an unrecorded, unanalysed thought” Edward Snowden, 2013. Some rather somber words from Mr Snowden, but is he right? Do you think those babies born in the last few years […]

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Santas Magical Kingdom

Christmas traditions & a Santa’s Magical Kingdom Giveaway

I have written before about the importance of creating rituals and traditions for our families, for the immediate benefits as well as long term security of family and providing stability of experience, not to mention the wonderful memories they help create. And Christmas is certainly a time that provides for many family traditions, rituals and […]

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cyber safe parenting

Cyber Safety and Parenting: Are we getting it right?

Do you think parents have a good understanding of what their kids are doing online?  Is ‘cyber safety’ something parents are really thinking about? Are the words ‘cyber safe’ even still necessary? Or should it all just come back to general parenting skills? Are we doing a good job of parenting in this area or […]

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