I’m Martine, a mother to 5 boys and a beautiful daughter no longer with us. My background in education, my experiences with losing a child and my many varied and challenging experiences raising kids today led me to complete my Masters in Counselling and continue working with kids and families. I am passionate about families finding joy in the everyday. So began my blog and business.

I cover many aspects of parenting and family life, but my own interest in technology and how it affects the way my household and the world exists today, led me to pursue this area further. I now enjoy speaking to parent, community, school and corporate groups on what this means for us as parents and how we can best guide and support our kids through the challenges of the modern world. I also love working with parents one on one to help them with the specific challenges they are facing with their kids,  to come up with strategies that will work for them.

I am honest, authentic and pragmatic and my views on parenting are realistic in ideals and strategies.  I don’t set out to preach to parents how to raise their families. I aim to give them empathy and realism as a result of my own experiences. I aim to give them information and logic from the research I am continually seeking. From all of this and the knowledge I have garnered working with other kids and their families, I aim to give them practical solutions and a listening ear. We can’t get it right all the time, but we need to aim for maximum joy and minimum stress.

My focus when working with families is always about the connection we have with our kids. I aim to give parents the understanding and knowledge to have relevant conversations with their kids. To listen more and lecture less. To provide the boundaries needed to keep the safe and the critical thinking needed to help them make the best decisions for themselves.

A parent, Jess, summed it up for me “God love you Martine! So sensible and you make the rest of us feel so normal!”

With changes to the way we have seen as a result of Covid and our increased reliance on the screens for so much of our work, learning, entertainment and connection, I have also shifted some of my focus to the wellbeing and mental health of those living, learning and working from home. This has led to many workplace sessions on digital wellbeing as well as overcoming the many digital distractions posed by this world and helping our children wean themselves from the extra time they have found themselves on screens.

So whether you are a parent, a carer or a teacher or looking after a team in your workplace, then you are at the right place to ensure you and your community remain in control, productive and thrive, despite the many challenges of a digital world.

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