As a digital parenting and online safety educator I have spent the last 10 years working with schools to help them create the best possible environments for their kids to thrive in a digital world. By working with parents, carers, teachers and of course the students themselves, I am passionate about getting everyone on the same page when it comes to navigating the digital world. There are certainly many challenges to our wellbeing that can in turn greatly affect our learning and education, and yet there are so many ways we can use the technology effectively both in the home and at school to reap the greatest benefits. 

Online or in person sessions can be organised to cater for the needs of your school or community. Below are some examples of topics covered in both parent, student and teacher sessions. Please note these can be tailored to the specific needs of a school and are regularly updated to remain relevant and engaging. 


  • Never too young to start thinking about online safety and digital wellbeing
  • The importance of getting it right early
  • How much screentime is too much? 
  • When can my child start using technology?
  • Finding the best games and apps for young children
  • Teaching boundaries with tears and tantrums
  • Building a culture of balanced play

Primary Schools:

  • In what ways are kids engaging with the online world?
  • What are the latest games and apps your kids may be using? Are they safe?
  • How can I avoid inappropriate or dangerous content?
  • My kid loves video games….how can I get them off without a fight
  • Avoiding the tech tantrum
  • Privacy, predators and grooming
  • Nurturing a positive digital footprint
  • How to enforce boundaries and limits and keep the peace
  • Why parents are key to safe, smart digital kids
  • Cyberbullying and digital dramas
  • Early development of critical thinking
  • Finding fun, safe and positive ways to enjoy the digital world

Secondary Schools:

  • Social media and self esteem: more than likes and followers
  • Dealing with the gamer child and tech obsessions
  • The effects of online pornography
  • Image based abuse
  • Risk taking teens
  • The online world and the law
  • Digital drama and cyberbullying
  • Homework versus social media? Dealing with digital distractions
  • Creating a positive digital footprint
  • Managing time, attention and maintaining balance
  • Fake, unhelpful or untrue? Helping kids critically evaluate the content they consume
  • Curating feeds for positive online experiences
  • Finding the good stuff online

Teacher PD sessions are also available and cover many of the topics above as well as other areas relevant to the classroom and teaching. For example….

  • Managing the dramas of a group chat gone wrong
  • Friendships challenges that begin online and end up in the playground
  • Self esteem and social media
  • Fake news, misinformation….helping students think critically about the content they consume
  • Dealing with cyberbullying, image based abuse and digital dramas. 
  • Engaging parents with their child’s digital wellbeing and safety

Once again presentations can be tailored to specific needs of a school or can easily cater in response to certain issues that may arise. 

There are also the following presentations that you can purchase at anytime as an online webinar to share with your school, or get in touch to organise a live session both online or in person. 

Screentime Reset 2021:Start the year off well with this digital parenting session getting it right from the start of the year. 

Weaning the Screens:Help families take back some of that screentime and get back some health and balance into their daily lives. 

Self Esteem and Social Media: More than likes and followers.

The gamer child: Playing without the battle and avoiding the tech tantrum

Dealing with digital distraction:Help students focus, declutter and manage their screens to get the most out of their learning. 

Digital Drama, Cyberbullying and image based abuse: helping kids make the best choices online

At present I am only doing in person sessions in Victoria, Australia but webinars have certainly proved popular with parent audiences as they have become more tech savvy and love to learn in the comfort of their own home. 

Head to the contact page below to enquire about your next session parent, student or professional development session. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you create a community that thrives both online and off.

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