I’m Martine, a mother to 5 boys and a beautiful daughter no longer with us. My background in education, my experiences with losing a child and my many varied and challenging experiences raising kids today led me to complete my Masters in Counselling and continue working with kids and families. I am passionate about families finding joy in the everyday. So began my blog and business.

I cover many aspects of parenting and family life, but my own interest in technology and how it affects the way my household and the world exists today, led me to pursue this area further. I now enjoy speaking to parent, community, school and corporate groups on what this means for us as parents and how we can best guide and support our kids through the challenges of the modern world.

I am honest, authentic and pragmatic and my views on parenting are realistic in ideals and strategies.  I don’t set out to preach to parents how to raise their families. I aim to give them empathy and realism as a result of my own experiences. I aim to give them information and logic from the research I am continually seeking. From all of this and the knowledge I have garnered working with other kids and their families, I aim to give them practical solutions and a listening ear.

I make no excuses for not always doing everything by the book or copying other ‘experts’. I think parenting is about picking your battles and living to the values that you as a family decide are important. We can’t get it right all the time, but we need to aim for maximum joy and minimum stress.

In relation to the work I do helping parents in the digital space, I am passionate about parents having a solid understanding of the challenges faced by their kids. This means arming them with knowledge and perspective. I firmly believe that as parents we need to stay up to date with the sorts of things our kids are doing and the technology they are using, in order to stay relevant to them, so that we are the person they turn to should things go wrong. I do not espouse banning, blocking or relying on filters and software to keep kids safe online. I rely on knowledge, empathy, understanding and perspective in order to teach our kids the critical thinking skills they need whilst offering them the support and guidance that they require from us.

Here are some recent comments from my readers……

“God love you Martine! So sensible and you make the rest of us feel so normal!” Jess @EssentiallyJess  martine_21781smaller

“Reading real posts like this warm me to my very soul.

When we as mothers are honest and open and real with each other we are giving each other the greatest support possible.You are so wonderful sharing this! It reads like a big warm hug.

Thank you for keeping it real.” Bek Mugridge @BekMugridge

“Thank you for sharing this excellent post! You really hit the nail on the head with this one. Monitoring is really important when it comes to this matter. The internet has a lot of things that can poison the young and innocent minds of our kids so it’s best to guide and teach them what’s acceptable and not. Thanks for this brilliant advice! Hoping to read more from you.” Janet Dubac

Please read on to find out How I can help you face the challenges of the modern world of parenting.

I have spend the last 7 years working in the the area of eSafety and some of the places you may have seen me or read my work are:

Whitehorse Council, APFACTS, Vic Parents Council, Critical Agendas Professional Development for Teachers, Parenting Ideas, The Age, Kidspot, 2UE, A Current Affair, Essential Kids, ABC radio, The Sudney Morning Herald, Australia Post, BDO Accounting, plus hundreds of schools throughout Australia.





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