From toddlers to teens, this comprehensive ebook will give you understanding and proven strategies to help you and your kids navigate the modern world.

Some of the questions tackled in this book:

  • Why must we keep up?
  • How do we keep up when our kids know so much?
  • How do I know which apps are safe for my child?
  • How can I stop my child from seeing inappropriate content?
  • How do I keep control of time limits
  • How do I get my child to put away their device?
  • How do I know my child is being safe online?
  • How do teach them how to make good decisions?
  • How do I get them to come to me when things go wrong?
  • How do I help them get the most out of technology whilst minimising the risks?

You will get actionable strategies to help you better connect with your child’s world today and help you deal with:

  • Time wasting, overuse and obsession
  • Oversharing, privacy and revealing too much
  • Maintaining a positive digital footprint
  • Keeping up with friends
  • Technology as punishment?
  • Homework versus play
  • Helping kids shine away from the screens
  • Role modelling good behaviours

Is this book for you?

Yes, if you want to:

  • Remain connected to your child throughout your parenting journey
  • Help keep them safe, whilst helping them make responsible decisions to be smart and savvy online, in order to get the most out of the digital world
  • Stop fighting with your child about the way they use technology and the online world
  • Have an understanding of the challenges your children face and gain a perspective that allows you to best prepare them for the digital world now and in the future

Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, Start connecting is such a valuable and comprehensive book on what it means to be both a parent and a child growing up in today’s digital society. Martine offers an extensive understanding of the challenges of the modern world enabling her to offer realistic strategies to better help parents. By giving us a very real perspective of what kids are facing, Martine forces us to recognize the complexities of this world while at the same time empowering parents to make the best choices for their kids. Her responses to situations are therefore based not on fear, but on getting it right for our families in a positive way. As someone that believes that offline parenting will help your child make better online choices, this is the perfect book to parlay into this philosophy. It is a book that is relevant and essential for parents of kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens, it will give you a window into where to start and keep your conversations continuing.”
Sue Scheff, Author, Speaker, Parent & Family Internet Safety Advocate, USA Today, Dr Phil, Fox News, CNN, New York Times

Parenting in a Digital World is filled with practical tips that help us parents navigate this technological path our kids are walking (or running!). As a mum to two young children, it’s helped me to see where we’re going so that I can keep that big picture in my mind before we encounter the online world together. The strategies Martine shares are great for parenting in general, and I’ll be reading the book again and again over the coming years to remind myself of these”
Megan Blandford, Writer, blogger

And another great review from Nicole of Planning with Kids :

I often say to other parents that I think managing technology with kids is one of the biggest challenges I face personally as a parent. I really enjoyed reading Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, start connecting. It doesn’t lecture you or set strict rules about what you should be doing, but peels the layers back to the fundamentals of parenting:

  • Supporting and protecting your child
  • Building and maintaining a positive relationship with your child base

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