The Modern Parent – Raising a Great Kid in the Digital World {BUY THE PDF}

If you’re a parent in this digital age, then it’s likely the following rings true for you:

  • You want your kids to feel safe and in control of their digital world.
  • You want them to be able to navigate the risks in that world with confidence.
  • You want them to grow, thrive, connect, create and collaborate despite those risks.

You’re also aware that to achieve the above, you need to be proactive in understanding the digital world a bit better yourself.

Enter Martine Oglethorpe, a parenting educator known for nimbly staying abreast of technology changes while keeping one foot firmly grounded in an understanding of the things that make families strong.

Martine skilfully combines her professional expertise with the lived experience gained by guiding her own children down the pathway to being skilled, savvy digital citizens. In the pages of this book lies the blueprint for parenting kids in the digital age. It shares how to be engaged in the digital lives of your children without being overbearing or burdensome; to know when to tread lightly as a parent and when care and caution need to be taken.


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