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Do you worry about how much time your child spends playing with technology?

Do you argue about time spent on devices, playing video games or hanging out on social media?

Do you find yourself thinking about the digital footprint they are creating?

Are you concerned about the interactions they may be having with others online?

Are they basing their very self worth on the number of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’?

Are there fights, arguments or a growing divide between you as a parent and your child when it comes to technology, devices and the online world?


In order for kids to immerse themselves in all the great elements of advancing technology and the online world, whilst minimising the dangers and pitfalls, parents must play a crucial role.

To do so, we need to watch, interact, listen and learn all we can to keep the conversation going with our kids.

To help you do that, I am here to:


  • Enlighten parents with up to date information to make informed choices about their child’s use of technology and social media


  • Help parents become more relevant and ‘in tune’ with their children and the challenges they face


  • Give parents the understanding and perspective to effectively communicate with their kids


  • Provide proven strategies to help parents incorporate their child’s use of technology into their daily lives in order to raise safe and responsible digital citizens.


Whether you are a parent of a baby, a toddler, a tween, teen or anything in between, there is something you can do today to make things better.


Whether it is through my writing, via individual or family consulting or speaking to your school or community, I help parents become the support and the teacher that their children need through relevant information, understanding and realistic solutions. I also love working with kids and school groups to help them better understand the online world and how they can best minimise the risks, whilst getting the most out of all that this new world has to offer.

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