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Instagram- an update for parents

Instagram: update for parents to help you decide if your child is ready

When should I let my child have Instagram? One of the many questions I get asked as it seems to be the social network most young people look to as their first foray into the world of social networking. In saying that, if they are playing on the likes of Musical.ly then this too is […]

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The big 3 social media apps for kids right now

What social network apps are kids using today? How can I make sure my kids are safe on these apps? How am I supposed to keep up? How can I say ‘no’ when supposedly every other child is allowed this social network? These are some of the frequently asked questions I receive from parents when […]

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How do I ask my parents to let me on Instagram?

How do I ask my parents to let me on Instagram? That phrase has actually been a consistent search for people who have found my blog. I don’t know if I’ve ever properly answered that question but I imagine they are landing here because I talk about social media often, including Instagram. The good news […]

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Instagram and video sharing: Another worry for parents?

Is Video sharing another online danger for parents to worry about? This week the Facebook owned photo sharing app, Instagram, announced it would add 15 second video sharing to rival Youtube, Vimeo and the  Twitter owned, Vine. “Oh great, said many parents and experts. Another thing to worry about whilst our kids are online”. Another […]

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Why I let my kids on Instagram and Kik: Parenting with social media networks

I get asked regularly what is the best age to allow children on social media? Obviously there can be many factors that come into play, but generally speaking, the time is right when you can provide guidance and keep a close eye. Here’s why I am ok with my kids being on social networking sites. […]

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