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12 ways we’ve been the best parent this week

So I was sitting at home this week wondering about this whole parenting caper. It is an ongoing process that I don’t suppose ever really ends. So this week I thought I would take a snapshot of some of my parenting moments. Some of them fine, some of them not so brilliant. But hey, they all tell a story and culminate in the the final and very best way that I hope to continue to be the very best parent I and you can be.
So this week, you and I, we…..
1) provided food, mostly good, sometimes not
2) provided shelter, clothing and the security of a good nights sleep
3) got angry because we were trying to do too many things at once and yelled. Then we apologised but asked for the offending behaviour not be repeated so we wouldn’t have to yell again
4) we felt guilty because we missed a sports game, assembly, band performance or looked away instead of watching more cartwheels
5) we were secretly excited about getting some time away from our kids
6) we told all our kids we loved them at least once a day
7) we watched while our toddler threw a tantrum because we refused to give in. Or we gave in because we didn’t have the energy to refuse.
8) we allowed a fight to keep going until we saw blood…or major damage
9) we politely asked our toddler to stop talking for just 5 minutes
10) we sat on the coach despite the washing and mess and cuddled our baby for half an hour because we know you’ve gotta get them while you can
11)  we cursed homework and the need for parental involvement
12) we did the best we could with what we got, and if it wasn’t our best, we vowed to try again tomorrow
So I may have done some if not all of these this past week….but as long as I keep doing number 12….I and you, can rest assured we are being the best parent we can be.
How else have you been the best parent this week?

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  1. Multiblogging Mum

    This Mummy of 7 this week did most of the above plus carted kids around the country side to their school commitments

    great post!

  2. Kingsley Colley

    Great points Martine. On a radio interview last week my thoughts were the same. Parents need to give themselves a break sometimes and realise that the future hasn’t been created yet and tomorrow is another day.

  3. Maxabella

    This. is. awesome. We’re so busy beating ourselves up for tiny things we missed, that we actually miss the most important thing! We do so well! x

  4. Megan

    Every parent needs to hold themselves to their own standards, but even that is so hard because of the vast amount of information out there. I have to remind myself daily that I AM doing a good job because I don’t see it.

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  6. Carli

    Love this Martine. There’s always tomorrow!

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