Don’t like housework? Win a Robomaid, sit back and relax

cuppa1-9943As a work from home mum with 1 high school kid, 2 at primary school and 2 toddlers at home with me, it is fair to say ‘time management’ is one of my greatest challenges in life. Sometimes the days go swimmingly. I get lots done, dinner is organised before lunch and the laundry is empty. Only joking, the laundry is never empty. Other days I feel like I am sweeping, vacuuming, wiping, scrubbing, mixing, typing, nagging, driving…but still not really accomplishing much. I have had to learn to accept that. But still, I always wonder what it would feel like not to have anything at all to do around the house.

So when the lovely people at Robomaid felt a little of my pain and wanted to help that dream become a reality, I took the opportunity to let the little robot do my vacuuming whilst I sat back and had mojitos on the deck with one eye on a trashy mag and one on the children happily playing away. OK so it wasn’t necessarily a miracle worker but it did free me up to do more wiping, scrubbing, washing, mixing, nagging, driving etc

With 5 boys eating, dragging in dirty footy boots and emptying the kinder sandpit out of their shoes, it is fair to say that sweeping and vacuuming is something I would certainly like to do less.

So I set about letting Mrs Robomaid take over the floors. Now the only problem, or maybe it is a good thing depending on your perspective, is that Mrs R requires you to pick all the crap stuff off the floor before she goes to work. So you do need to go spend some time picking up the shoes, toys, lego bits etc. She also isn’t great over shag pile rugs so they need to be rolled up.

I am now getting used to the idea of leaving her in a room and closing the door, coming back later to find a nicely vacuumed floor.

If you are a control freak, I would urge you not to watch Mrs Robomaid at work. Despite you having a good idea of where you want her to head, namely to the areas of most crumbs, she will kind of look at you and say “give me time, I will get there eventually, and the longer you stare at me the longer I will take to get there. So off you trot and get back to your mojito and mag and I will let you know when I am done.” And it does get done. You can use a remote control and direct it where you want to go but I think that kind of defeats the purpose unless you want something cleaned up quickly. You can also do other cool stuff like create a virtual wall to prevent it going into certain areas. She does go over short pile carpets such as the green rug in the top pic, but anything longer and she gets a bit cranky.

housework, robomaid
This is me relaxing whilst Robomaid does the work. It was a bit cold for mojitos on the deck!


Robomaid at work
Robomaid at work



A novelty at first, but now the Robomaid is part of the family
A novelty at first, but now the Robomaid is part of the family

So if you think you could spend a few hours a week doing something other than vacuuming floors, I am thrilled to offer you the chance to win the Robomaid Vacuum cleaner valued a $369.

Just tell me how you would best spend your day if you had no domestic chores at all and the day was your to do as you pleased? Go and like my Facebook page and spread the word, and you too could have a Robomaid to free you up for much more enjoyable pursuits!

This is not a sponsored post however I was given a Robomaid to review and one to give away to my readers. All opinions are completely my own.

The competition is open to Australian residents only

Entry is via a comment on this blog post & judges decision is final

Winner will be notified by email and must make contact within a week

Competition closes Friday June 14th 5pm AEST

Best of luck!




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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. Lidya Yulianti

    I would go to a day spa for some pampering or have a “day spa at home” consisting of bubble bath, a good book to read and classical music in the background. How I would love to experience that without worrying about housework.

  2. Jasmin

    If no domestic chores had I,
    for just a day I think I’d …oh my
    (so hard to comprehend you see
    with husband, pup and children three)
    I would first nap close to a beach
    With book and drink within my reach
    And then I might indulge in walking
    Meet with girlfriends (lots of talking!)
    Pick some flowers, cook and bake
    (no dishes or crumbs left in my wake)
    Truth be told I wonder if chefs
    Would cook if they had dishes left
    Their kitchens always flawless seem
    For such standards I can only dream.
    So dream I will of chores no more
    And instead I’ll dance on my kitchen floor
    With friends and food to a disco beat
    And Robomaid zooming at our feet!

  3. Lauren H

    Well…let’s be honest…I don’t vacuum nearly as much as I need to with a toddler and a crazy, hairy, dirty, lovable dog. BUT what I DO do is spend a lot of time feeling guilty about not vacuuming :-/
    So probably what I would most do is spend less time feeling guilty and more time being the crafty, sporty, dancey, cuddly working mumma of my dreams. Or spend more time drinking cups of tea and soaking up the deliciousness that is my son’s exploration of the world at 2 years old.

    Either choice works for me.

  4. Stacey Shailer

    I’d enjoy more time outside in my garden! With so much of my attention on the housework (especially keeping the floor clean!) my gardens get a bit neglected. I’d love to devote a little more time to pottering around in the vegie garden especially, it’s such a calming activity (unlike housework).

  5. kirri

    My friend just bought one of these so I have seen them in action and observed in silent envy!

    I always do my housework when I am tired. Why? Because I decided a while ago that I was not going to spend my hi-energy moments cleaning the house.

    If I had a robomaid, there would be more time to relax Not to fill up with another chore, but just.sit.still.

  6. What would I do!? What most other modern parents do … get up early, run around after the kids, do my jobs and work, play with the kids, run a brush kiss past my husband and then fall into bed exhausted. But with the Robomaid, I can still do all those things and not feel the guilt and stress of having dirty floors nagging me to come and clean them! Aaaaah bliss! Cheers, Alison #IBOT

  7. Trish

    When i was a girl, I thought for sure by 2013 we would be living like the Jetsons with robot maids …no chores – I couldn’t give up cooking.
    Honestly every day for literacy groups, and sport..I love seeing the smiles of 6 -7 year olds especially my boys. Then I would do Meals on wheels more than once a month. I’d even have ME time and create a patchwork quilt.
    Trish MLDB

    1. Trish

      Oops iPad chopped my words ….I’d be up at school.

  8. Me

    I would read and blog and crochet and run and cook dinner and look presentable when A got home from work !!!
    Have the best day !

  9. Anne-Maree

    Ohhh!! I would start with a nap, followed by some browsing through the shops, and maybe lunch at a nice cafe. Then I might go home and read a book on the lounge chair with a nice cup of tea! BLISS!!!!

  10. No domestic chores! Well, we’d have a leisurely breakfast on the back porch, a walk in the sun down to the park and the library, plenty of play and read time, then time to crochet up a storm . . .

  11. Wendy S

    I would spend the whole time curled up on a comfy chair with my feet up, reading a good book.
    Nice to dream about!

  12. Kate

    There is nothing I hate more than vacuuming and with twin toddlers, two dogs and a husband who never eats at the table we have a lot of mess! I would love to sit in my armchair, read a book and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while the robomaid does everything for me. I can dream can’t I, since I could never afford one.

  13. Rebecca McEvoy

    If someone did all my chores for me I would sleep. Ah precious sleep how I miss you! (I’m suffering from newbornitis, can you tell??)

  14. Jolie

    I would spend the day with my baby boys and hit the park and go out for a lovely lunch to a kid friendly café.

  15. Angie Boylan

    I’d use this valuable extra time to call my mum and have a long chat to her, cause I never to get to talk to her as much I as want or should!

  16. Oh my, I *so* need one of these!

    My perfect day would be reading all your blogs and commenting, and then writing lots of lovely blog posts too, of course!

    So I really need to WIN so that I can make all the other bloggers’ days be leaving awesome comments on their posts, and get my own creative juices firing!

  17. EssentiallyJess

    If I had the time, I would read more blogs. I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had much chance, and I miss catching up with everyone!

  18. Ah, I would drop the kids off at their schools, with a kiss to those who allow it. Then I’d swan off to a cafe and read the papers, then pop to the movies – why not? Back in time for pickup!

  19. Robomum

    Hello… ROBOMUM was BORN to own a ROBOMAID… ;o)

    If I had one of these I’d use the saved vaccing time to iron the Man’s business shirts that I’ve been secretly outsourcing. This way I could save a buck.
    It’s not creative but the budget is wearing thin and that’s exactly what I’d do with the extra time…

    I’d also show off about it in front of my friends… No vacuuming! Who wouldn’t!!

  20. Lady Fabulous

    If I had a housework free day, I think I would probably still stay in the house – and watch the others at work without feeling guilty! I don’t think there’d be any better feeling than watching your house get cleaned by someone else!

  21. Ei

    If I am not doing domestic chores, I’ll be blogging, socialising on Facebook and browsing pictures on Instagram. After all, I am a modern parent!

  22. The Plumbette

    The mother in me would play catch up on the other chores around the house that would need doing, but if I chose to ignore those, I would flop onto the couch and watch some of the latest movies that have been released while eating a block of chocolate. And sleep. A modern parent needs her sleep.

  23. Becc

    A perfect day without chores would involve a morning session at a spa, followed by lunch with friends, an afternoon at the movies (Gold Class of course) and then a few champagnes overlooking the water with my husband. A big snuggle with my boys before bed and then a dreamy slumber reviewing such a fantastic day.

  24. Melissa O

    I would pack up a day bag and take my daughter to the aquarium followed but a high tea for just us girls and getting our nails painted a perfect shade of pink. A wonderful girls day away from laundry, vacuuming, dishes and study.

  25. Jodi

    The perfect day with a Robo Maid would be sitting on the lounge with a cuppa and watching my cat sitting on top of it, wizzing around the floor having a grand old time! One way to keep my little kitty entertained and out of my hair whilst I relaxed!

  26. Twitchy

    If I were to win a Robomaid, I’d exercise more. As in I would exercise the lower half of my face with the smiling muscles instead of just the top half with my permanently furrowed brow.

    Apart from kids who leave trails of crumbs behind them like they were off to the nasty Witch’s house… (hang on)… We also now have Charlie the rescue wonderdog, whose main talent seems to be shedding in tufts. I am literally vacuuming the hall floor twice a day, it’s that bad. Robomaid could get me my smile back, while actually saving my back.

  27. Kim m

    I have always wanted to do what Jo from Little Women did, spend a whole day reading, that is my dream.

  28. bubble936

    Ring my little sis for some chit-chat.
    Open the windows to enjoy the beautiful view.
    Bring in the magazine, all set for for some quite reading.
    Order some new clothes from ozsale, I could never choose at mall.
    Make a cake to enjoy with a cup of tea.
    Address the issue of the overflowing pantry .
    Iron some dresses for the weekend party.
    Delete all the unclear pictures from my phone.

  29. Alisha Lynch

    OMG! Well with a friend recently buying one of these who has the same aged kids as I (1 year old and 2 and a half) she got me on the phone and said I need to buy one! I am desperately saving for a thermomix and am so far from my goal so I don’t want to chip into it and just said I would wait for a comp to enter and here it is! LOL! Would love to win this and will keep all my toes and fingers crossed!

  30. Carolyn E

    In my house the Robomaid is me,
    That’s what I’ve become you see!
    Chasing behind the kids and hubby such a lot,
    With the clunky vacuum cleaner, broom and mop.
    Taking chucks out the wall and stirring up dust,
    That’s why for me winning is really a must.
    I need the real Robomaid to give me a break,
    To get other things done for my sanity’s sake.

  31. JACANA

    If Robomaid covered my Saturday vacuuming for me I would stay at my “happy place” for the whole day instead of half of the day. My “happy place” is my volunteering position at my local op shop.

  32. S Armstrong

    I think I’d spend the day at the park with the kids.

  33. Cate

    I’d start by going and getting my haircut- drinking a cappuccino and eating the biscuits in peace. I’d then go out for lunch with my husband- a long 3 course meal. Then it would be a toss up of whether to go home and watch the Robomaid do my work by myself or invite some friends around so we can watch it together!

  34. Marleisa

    Lunch out with friends!

  35. Jacqui Manning

    Robomaid, robomaid please be mine
    I’ve much better ways to spend my time.
    Looking at shapes in the clouds above
    Playing lots of games with my bubs that I love.
    My kids are growing up so very very fast
    I’d love a robomaid to help these precious times last and last! 🙂

  36. Lisa

    I’d probably spend the first day following Robomaid around in awe. Then on days 2, 3, 4 (yes she would be turned on daily in my house) I would happily switch her on in the morning and run out the door and do anything and everything that didn’t involve cleaning my house.
    With 2 kids, dog, husband and Grandma, my floors need vacuuming daily. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen and I watch the little bits of fluffs, fur, dirt like I have OCD.
    Goodluck to the lucky winner!

  37. Clare Goodchild

    Have wanted one of these for a long time…imagine the shopping, pampering, general time-out you could have with a robomaid! It’s a must have for all busy women.

  38. Lee J

    You know it has been so long since I actually had nothing to do, that my mind can’t even think what I would possibly do!! (I think it is like some sort of defence mechanism!).
    Anyway, not sure what I would do but I’d sure love to do it 😀

  39. Tracy Williams

    Robomaid would be like a maid for me,
    should I dare to have a day without housework?
    my thoughts think it’s made for me 🙂

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