Fathers Day Questions & a giveaway

Last year on Fathers Day I asked my 3 older boys some interview questions about their dad. It was interesting to see the things they noticed, the things they loved,  the things he could improve on and the things he liked to do. I thought I would see if much had changed over the past year and interviewed the boys again with the same questions. This year I was able to add the 3 year old as his articulation is one thing that has certainly developed over the past 12 months.


What makes your dad a great dad?

12 yr old: I just love him.  Once a year he takes me to the wrestling. He takes me to footy matches. I’m sure there is more but my brain has worked too hard today   2011:  He buys us stuff from Seven Eleven and he hangs out with us a lot

10 year old: he buys stuff for me and plays with me and spends a lot of time with me  (2011:He gives us Slurpees and is renovating our house and takes holidays with us and spends lots of time playing with us)

9 year old: he takes me to places. He’s nice. He’s funny. He looks after us  (2011: He’s good at looking after us)

3 year old: cause he is


What do you love to do with your dad?

 12 year old: Going to the chicken shop for chicken and chips  (2011:  Play footy and cricket with him and having talks)

10 year old: kick the footy, play cricket, go swimming, watches footy with me. He does heaps more I just can’t remember  (2011: Play footy with us, take us to the local footy and swim in the pool with us)

9 year old: kick a footy, take us to the footy, I love watching Amazing Race with him, him watching me play footy (8 yr old: Go to the local footy, play footy, golf and ten pin bowling)

3 year old: play cricket, running, footy, cars and hockey


What could your dad improve on?

 12 year old: get less angry with us. That’s about it really (2011: Ummm…lets see…I don’t really want to answer that…umm…nope there’s actually nothing)

10 year old: growling at me without knowing who’s fault it was (2011: Nothing…really)

9 year old: I don’t know (2011:  I don’t know)

3 year old: I don’t know


Do you know your dads favourite TV show?

12 yr old: footy (2011: the footy)

10 year old: his movie he is making with his friends  (2011: Entourage)

9 year old: Amazing Race  (2011: Amazing Race and Survivor)

3 year old: Toy Story


What is dads favourite food? 

 12 year old: KFC  (2011: Chicken Parmigana)

10 year old: tacos  (2011: Tacos)

9 year old: Salt and vinegar chips  (2011: Beer, lollies, hot jam donuts)

3 year old: Nutri grain


What’s something funny your dad does?

 12 year old:  when dad wrestles us, especially Louie  (2011: When the two of us blame mum for our farts)

10 year old: when Tigers play bad he sometimes goes off his head a bit which is pretty funny  (2011: When he tries to sing)

9 year old: Tells us funny stories, scares me  (2011: When he creeps up and scares me)

3 year old: he laughs when I play running


So not a lot has changed it seems. He still likes footy and is great at playing sports with them. He likes Tacos and the Amazing Race. Apparently he likes Nutri Grain although I myself have never seen him eat a bowl of it. He possibly is not buying as many Slurpees and a couple of children may have got in trouble a little more this past year! But on the whole they know they have the best dad ever.

What makes your kids dad great? Or what is special about your own dad?

Leave a comment, like my Facebook page and you could win a copy of the DVD “Beaconsfield” to give to your dad as a little late Fathers Day present! If you haven’t seen the movie, it is a great portrayal of the events with some amazing performances by a fabulous cast. Here is a link to the trailer.  Beaconsfield Movie Trailer

Competition closes 5pm aest September 5th



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  1. Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’d recently read about someone doing this for Fathers Day and I knew I wanted to do it too, but didn’t have the creative button switched on this morning to think of the questions. You’ve done it for me! I love the kids’ answers too – great that he doesn’t have much to improve on. You’ve picked a winner!

  2. Debbie

    That’s so cool I love it! My kids are probably getting a bit too old for this – but I’m gonna try it anyway!

  3. Ai Sakura

    it’s an amazing exercise to do with your kids! 🙂 And your 3 y/o answers are so cute!

  4. Helen

    Great idea! I just tried to do this with my 2 year old. We didn’t get very far, as I had the computer screen in front and all his answers seemed to revolve around the swimming pool (as in the photo on the post!). Will try again next year.

  5. Catherine Rodie Blagg

    Wonderful idea. I’m not sure how much sense I’ll get out of my 2.5yo but will be a fun thing for us all to do together!

  6. Grace

    What great questions…and even better answers! I think the boys will be ready for interviewing next year 🙂
    My kid’s dad is great because he has placed all of us in priority before himself. Despite working a full time job he still manages to take the boys to the doctor’s or take them for a walk and play in the morning before he goes to work. He still takes on the late night duty, patting the boys to bed during all sorts of ungodly hours without grudge or complaint. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

  7. Michelle V

    My dad is great because he has overcome the tragic passing of his only son when he was aged only 12. My dad struggled with is grief for so long; he was hospitalised as a result of a nervous breakdown and has never been quite the same since.
    He is the most loving, caring man.
    Up until a year ago, I was too afraid to drive, so dad would take my daughter to school and pick her up every day, and also take me shopping or to any appointments I had. He encouraged me to overcome my fear and I finally got my license!

  8. April Manley

    I haven’t seen Beaconsfield the movie yet. But I really want to see it. My Dad loves collecting Dvd’s and he hasn’t seen Beaconsfield either!

  9. Joanne Purnell

    Very inspirational and courageous men

  10. Cate

    My Dad is both a fantastic Dad to his 4 daughters and a great Pa to his 6 grandchildren. He can always be relied upon to help us all out; especially with my husband working away for months at a time. He can be called upon to catch moths- aahhh!, take a grandchild to soccer and go to Fathers Day events so that my son has someone there. He’s great!

  11. Jasmine1485

    What a great idea, I love their answers! 🙂 My dad’s special because he still answers all my fishing/technical/carpentry/DIY/sport questions even though I’m 27 now. I never got out of the habit of wanting to know the how and why of everything. 😛 He’s always happy to help with projects (most recently he drilled some plates for me so I could make a cake stand) and he once built me a herb garden (complete with paving) at 6am so I would be surprised with it when I woke up. 🙂

    I’m a fan on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  12. Mary Preston

    I wish I had thought of doing this with with my children earlier.

    My Father is such a Gentleman. A wicked sense of humour too. He needed both with 6 daughters …. and then a son.

  13. Mick

    Beaconsfield sounds like a really good movie-if they have en-captured the will the believe and to survive it’s bound to be great

  14. Melinda

    What makes my dad great is that although he is not related by blood..only by marriage, he looks after us and treats us just as his own kids. My brother and I were so lucky when my mother chose husband number three. He is an amazing man, who puts up with my mother and always offers advice and spoils us rotten. In the past he has paid off our cars so we can get home loans, taken us on trips, offered advice and given us jobs. He also enjoys every minute with my kids who call him Grandad!

  15. suzanne

    Beaconfield. It is a movie of survival and mateship and a movie that will touch your heart.

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