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Fun with Colors app: to teach kids Mandarin

This is a sponsored review post for the Fun with Colors app. 

Learning about colours is one of the early developmental and learning milestones our young kids embark upon and there are lots of apps and educational products to help keep this fun. My two youngest kids are constantly talking about the different colours that are made when mixing the primary colours and predicting the outcome of mixing paints……and for the 4 year old, mixing up all the play doh to make a big browny/grey ensemble.

My 6 year old has also started learning Mandarin at school and loves reciting his numbers and words to me. As I have no idea what he is saying I just smile and say ‘great job’.

So when I was asked to have a look at the Fun with Colors app,  which combines technology, learning colours and learning them in Mandarin, I thought it would definitely be a winner with my kids.

This app also encourages parents to interact with their child and discuss emotions that colours evoke as well as the cultural significance of certain colours.   For example “Red is a strong and warm colour. In Chinese culture it symbolises good fortune and joy”. This can also be a great way to get kids talking about feelings and how different things may make us feel differently.

When Mr 6 had a play, I realised it actually teaches a lot more words than just colours. They see the written word for the colours in both English and Mandarin and hear the spoken words in Mandarin for many other words such as vegetable names, instruments, sporting equipment etc. So with over 30 vocab words,  the app manages to find the right combination of fun and learning.

The app has a “Dora the explorer” kind of feel to it, in that kids are asked to recite words and help with simple quests, thus reinforcing the learning.

learning mandarin app

This app is available on from the app store for $4.49

The app is aimed at the preschooler but suitable for younger primary kids wanting to start learning a language.

For more information you can have a look at this video and follow the facebook page of creators Miaomiao for more on educational apps for kids


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