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Testimonial for Martine’s Parent Session  – ‘Being Safe and Smart in the Digital World’

We were so impressed with Martine’s presentation to our parents. It was informative, engaging and exceeded our expectations. We have received many positive comments from our school community and we look forward to welcoming Martine back to our school again’. David Mander, Assistant Principal, Milgate Primary School

Martine spoke at our school recently, sharing her knowledge and practical information with parents so that they can assist in keeping their children safe and smart in the ever-changing digital world.  She explored the reality of the positive and negative uses and aspects of the digital world, speaking about it in terms of consumerism, communication and creativity.  Her advice regarding social media and device usage was not about how much time is right for each age group, but more importantly, about being prepared, setting up guidelines at an early age and open conversations, rather than trying to catch up as children get older.  Martine shared some options for being practically safe on different devices and offered the ability to keep in touch with her as an expert mentor in this field, via her website.  This was most reassuring for parents.

Martine shared current knowledge and data.  She was engaging and answered questions posed by parents from the dual perspective of parent and professional educator.  The members of our school community who attended have spoken most positively about Martine’s session.

Angela Lacey, Principal (July 2016)

“As part of our week long series of workshops for parents, students and teachers on digital citizenship, Martine provided a presentation on a range of practical strategies for parents on how to navigate the world of technology with their children. Martine encouraged parents to talk regularly with their children about digital issues, and recommended the early implementation of rules and boundaries. The feedback was extremely positive from parents”

‘As a non tech-savvy parent with a very tech-savvy almost 10 year old, I am personally walking in a mind field on a daily basis.  Martine’s presentation not only provided a depth of understanding about the IT world that our children today are living in, but some fantastic strategies (many of which I have since implemented) to help manage and ‘control’ their involvement in a way that also allows them to expand their knowledge base (and to some degree my own!).’ Thank you so much for a great presentation!”

Julie Sengelman, Executive Officer  APFACTS. APFACTS is the peak non-government school parent voice for the ACT, proudly built by parents for parents to have an active voice in education issues.

I love getting away from the computer and heading out to talk to parent groups and school communities.

Talks are aimed at parents and educators of children of all ages, from pre-school to teens.

Parenting and technology is an ever changing issue that needs attention and recognition. When we talk about ‘cyber safety’ I do not believe we can adequately do that without having a really good understanding of child behaviour and family relationships. My work as a youth and family counsellor as well as my personal experience parenting 5 children has certainly given me that. We also need to arm parents with the necessary information, skills, strategies and perspective in order to help steer both themselves and their children through the myriad of information that often threatens to overwhelm.

My parent presentations will offer a comprehensive but relevant overview of what our children are facing right now and what that will mean for them in the future. All presentations can be tailored to specific needs of a group, however here is an overview of some of what is to be expected:

Preschool / Kindergartens

  • Why do we need to think about technology now?
  • The role of the parent in creating smart and safe digital kids
  • Time limits & boundaries for the preschooler
  • What games and apps are safe for the preschooler?
  • Protecting children from inappropriate content
  • Keeping a balance with other ways to play

Primary Schools

  • How are kids using the technology
  • What apps are kids using? Are they safe?
  • Coping with inappropriate content
  • Your child loves video games? How to keep it under control
  • Avoiding tech tantrums
  • Privacy, predators and reputation
  • Why parents are the key to safe and smart digital kids
  • How to enforce boundaries, limits & keep the balance
  • Strategies to teach kids the skills they need to make the best decisions online

Secondary Schools

  • Homework versus social networks
  • Building self esteem away from the screens…more than likes and followers
  • Creating a positive digital footprint
  • The ‘gamer’ child…avoiding obsession & addiction
  • Sexting, porn and keeping it real
  • Mean kids, drama and cyberbullying
  • Helping kids make the right decisions

Talks and workshops are also available for student groups with a focus on helping kids recognise the importance of protecting their digital reputation.

If your school, kindergarten, playgroup, mothers group, community group or social or corporate function would like an entertaining, informative and empathic speaker to highlight one of the most important issues facing parents today, then please contact Martine at

I have also done numerous media appearances for 2UE, ABC Radio, A Current Affair, The Circle and provided expert comment and published articles in The Age, Herald Sun, Daily Mirror, Kidspot and Essential Kids.

Here is a segment filmed on Room To Grow Tv, where Martine talks about the effects of cyberbullying.

[youtube id=”q98r5DKevjU”]

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