Teacher PD Sessions

Teacher sessions are a great addition to student and parent sessions or as stand alone professional development.

Teacher sessions give teachers a relevant understanding of the challenges faced by students in a digital world and how they can best manage these challenges as they spill over into the classroom. Some of the topics covered are:

  • how kids are using the technology and social media
  • coping with digital distractions
  • promoting positive digital literacy and leadership skills
  • dealing with cyberbullying and digital dramas
  • online friendships issues
  • helping to create a positive digital footprint
  • sexting and sharing/respect and responsibility
  • rights and responsibilities online
  • young people and the law

Recent Teacher Keynotes

  • Critical Agendas Teachers Conference “Mental Health and wellbeing of young people”, MCG Melbourne, 2016 and 2017.
  • Keynote speaker at the Australian Parents Council and Tasmanian Catholic Parents Council AGM, Tasmania, 2016.
  • Critical Agendas Girls Conference, Collins St Melbourne, August 2017.
  • 2 hour Professional development workshop for Critical Agendas, Dingley International, Victoria, August 2017
  • Half day workshop for Philip Island Teachers Conference for Catholic primary school on “Living and Learning in a Digital World”

Keynote presentation topics for teachers have included:

“Building digital resilience”

“Online me versus real life me: helping young girls navigate the digital world”

“Friendships and Frenemies: when online spats spill into the classroom”

“Self Esteem and Social media: more than likes and followers”

As with all my presentations, content can be tailored to meets specific needs whilst always providing engaging, relevant and helpful strategies to ensure our teachers can help their students face the challenges, minimise the risks and get the very best that the technology has to offer.

Recent testimonial:

“Martine brought a wealth of up to the minute information on the essential topics of learning in an online world. We loved her focus on critical thinking and empowering our students to be wary of their online activity. It was a fantastic presentation and very eye opening!”  Andrew McDermott, Principal St James Catholic Primary School.