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Maths Super Elite: a primary age maths app review

This is a maths app sponsored review post for Inquisitive Games

An app that allows your kids to defeat alien invaders, save the world and practise their math! Whats not to love?

I gave this app Maths: Super Elite to my 8 year old and 5 year old to have a play and didn’t give them any other instructions. I generally don’t get any arguments from my kids if I hand them a device and ask them to have a play, so play they did.  There are many maths games in the app store and I have checked out my fair share. What I like (and I should say what my kids liked) about this one, is that it does actually feel like a game and not just a series of maths ‘sums’ to work your way through.

Technology done well, allows us to learn or create or share or connect, whilst at the same time entertaining us and keeping our interest. This game has 45 different levels, 3 different locations to play in and the ability to choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It has age categories from under 5 right through to 11 +, so kids have the ability to work to their level and beyond if they conquer where they are at. So whilst they are still getting the feeling of playing a game they are also mastering some important math skills that translate well into their classroom curriculum.

maths app review

Some Maths: Super Elite features

  • The graphics and game design. It doesn’t feel like a standard maths game. Kids get to choose their character and player profile and custom design them to represent who they want to be. They then get to work through a series of levels and use their maths skills to ‘power up’.
  • It comes with a parent/teacher portal to track your child’s progress and see how they are learning.
  • There is no in app purchases (YES!) and no data collection.
  • There is no advertising or marketing to impressionable little minds.

Just today my 8 year old son was playing on my phone before school (something that’s only allowed once the shoes and socks are on and the teeth are brushed), and I asked what he was playing on. Out of all the games I have on my phone (I have a lot…for work and research purposes of course!) he had chosen to continue playing this one. He does love his maths and he does love playing games so it is a perfect combination for him. He did say he found it “quite hard sometimes but it is fun” so it does offer a them a challenge. I don’t have a problem with kids playing games solely for downtime or simply to chill out for short periods of time, but it certainly makes it a lot easier to hand over the device when you know they are learning great skills as well. So it definitely helps appease that guilt that many feel when it comes to devices and screentime.

At only $2.99 it is a great purchase and it can be easily downloaded from the app store.

I can certainly recommend this one for any primary age child.


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