The Printer and I: Making Friends with the Epson PrecisionCore

This is a sponsored post from Nuffnang and Epson, however all views are totally mine.

What is one of the most frustrating pieces of technology in an office? For me it was always the printer. Pages that were too faint, paper that got stuck, ink that got clogged – clean the nozzles, still nothing. Of course they always went haywire at the crucial moments. Just as you were about to print out your 5000 word university assignment that you had daringly left until 4 pm to make the 5pm deadline. It was probably more of an issue in the days prior to email and cloud-sending. Yes I actually worked in an office before there was email! Working from home makes it tough too. There is no IT person to ring and complain that the printer isn’t working again. There is no help desk, save waiting for up to 24 hours for a reply.

 I have had a good run, however, with my last printer. It is an Epson and I haven’t even sworn at it once. So when Epson asked me if I wanted to try out their new Workforce WF-2620 PrecisionCore printer, I read a little about them and decided it would be a great benefit to the illustrious offices of The Modern Parent Empire! It would also be a great addition to my photography and now my kid’s computer creations and photo edits that they are beginning to enjoy printing out. And thanks to Pinterest, I can now make all my party invites, cake toppers and all manner of party paraphernalia and print out with ease!

 So my printer arrived and, like a kid in a candy store unable to eat any lollies, I had to leave it in the hallway as I left for a week’s holiday. Thankfully however, it gave me the opportunity to take some great pics and print them out on my return.

Recently, I looked at the importance of getting your precious photos off the computer and out on display, and if you get yourself a decent printer, there really is no excuse.

epson printer

I was really impressed with the quality of the prints and mum actually thought I must have had them printed professionally! It costs less to run than a laser printer and is uses less energy so it’s greener too! It is quick to print, the colours were true and it looks mighty impressive on my desk, however you would need a fair bit of space as it isn’t small.  The PrecisionCore printers do come in all sizes and scales, from the humble work from home office printer to the big kahuna press printers. I haven’t yet set up the wireless printing but I just love the idea of printing things from the couch without having to get up! I can also print from the phone, scan things and fax. I am not sure I would ever need to fax, but if I feel the need one day I know it is there!


What technology, machinery of gadget frustrates you the most? Or do you have a passion for all things office and stationary?

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