Rock and Play Sleeper

 Having given birth to my 5th son just a few weeks ago, I know a thing or two about soothing and settling babies, and so far, I know what has and hasn’t worked. For all of my babies, movement has been a key factor in getting them off to sleep. They are happiest when I am walking around with them over my shoulder, bumping along the pathway whilst riding in the pram and long  journeys in the car have always been a sure way to send them off into the land of nod. Maybe this stems back to my own childhood. Those who knew me as a baby, toddler and beyond, know that I was most relaxed and happy when lying on the floor rocking side to side and singing along to my favourite Abba records. But I digress. The point being that most babies love motion to get them to sleep and the gentle rocking motion of Fisher Prices’ new Rock n Play soother has provided just the answer for that ‘other’ option of being able to put the baby down so that your hands are left free for other tasks. (at present I am typing with my hands and using a foot to rock the baby to sleep).

When I was asked to do a Product Talk by Nuffnang  about the Fisher Price Rock n Play, I happily obliged as I knew this was something that my new baby and I could well use. Over my 11 plus years of parenting I have used many different gadgets and all manner of nursery paraphernalia, but I always find that the simple things are often the best. This is what I love about the Rock n play. There are no bells and whistles, no flashing lights, no annoying music or heavily accented cheesy songs…just a comfy, cosy rocker that so far has managed to put my little boy off to sleep every time.

Some of the other great features I love:

  • It rocks smoothly, not a ‘jolty’ movement like the traditional low to the ground rockers
    The fabric is easily removed and washable and the colors are understated and suitable for boys and girls
  •  It’s easy to assemble. I know this as my husband (not the handiest man going around) said so! And he was very   happy there were no tools involved.
  •  You can fold it up easily to store or transport
  •  Babies can lay on an angle, which is good for reflux or colicky babies
  •  It’s easy to rock with a foot or hand without having to bend down low
  • It’s suitable for up to 10kg so it can be used for most of the first year

But best of all….the baby loves it…….

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  1. Caz

    You newest little man looks so adorably happy in snuggled up there!! Nice work Mummy :O)

    1. Martine

      Thanks Caz, he is adorably happy snuggly!

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