Some Holiday Blog Reading: A few favourites from The Modern Parent

As we recover from the food and festivities of Christmas, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite blogs to give you a little holiday reading! Obviously these are not all the blogs I read and certainly there are many more that are worth mentioning so I may have to do a Part 2. (or 3 or 4)

But here is a rundown of some of this years reading and a very general description of what they cover.

For all things Teenagers: The Kids are All Right. Rachel seems to be on a very similiar path to myself when it comes to some of the issues facing our teens today. A great forum is available too, enabling you to get lots advice, empathy and understanding from others.

For all things Fashion: Fox in Flats. Andrea is my favourite fashion blogger for mums and is expert at keeping it real whilst still managing to look and feel great. A monthly style dare that is also lots of fun keeps you from getting stuck in a fashion ‘rut’ and allows you to navigate motherhood in style.

For all things Planning and Organisation:Planning with Kids. As a fellow mother of 5, Nicole has it completely covered when it comes to getting families organised, getting homework supervised, meals planned and extra curricular activities thrown into the mix like a well oiled machine. Nicole is also an esteemed author and public speaker.

For all things literacy and early education: The Book Chook. This blog is full of book reviews and fabulous resources from an Australian writer passionate about kids learning to read, write and create. Susan has some great ideas for reluctant readers as well as fabulous online resources to help kids with their storytelling.

For self care , self love and self knowledge: Happy Mums At Home: As a counsellor and life coach, Kirri is passionate about inspiring mums to not only be the best mum they can, but to do so whilst leading rich and fulfilling lives as an individual. Kirri’s use of positive psychology to help us face life’s challenges is both realistic and motivating. Oh and she loves to dance!

For the funny, the very real or for some creative inspiration: My Big Nutshell: Gemma has lots of great ideas, takes a great pic and her posts are a gorgeous mix of the serious and the hilarious. She covers all sorts of topics from parenting, mental health to organising, creating and cooking, and does so with a wit and honesty that mirrors the real life gorgeous person she is.

And last but not least… A Funny Dad blog: Reservoir Dad: Clint is a stay at home father of 4 boys who writes with brilliant wit and honesty.  Whether reading about his vasectomy diaries or watching his gangnam style video, you are guaranteed a laugh.

This is just  snippet of my blog reading and in no particular order or fashion…..just the first few that came into my head. Most of these people I have met in real life or have got to know well online and they are all inspiring writers. I have realised how many, many more I need to mention but as I am finding it hard to concentrate with the cheering of the Big Bash cricket in the background, I will definatily have to come back with more favourites throughout the year.

And of course every Tuesday you will find me linking up with the awesome Jess at Essentially Jess and every Friday I flog my blog with the gorgeous and funny Grace at With Some Grace. 

Who are some of your favourite blog reads? Oh and of course feel free to give yourself a plug!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me Martine – very flattered to be in the company of other bloggers I look up to. And there are some new names there too so I’m looking forward to discovering them, and continuing to read yours of course 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your holidays xx

  2. kirri

    It looks like we have very similar reading tastes Marty 🙂 Thank you so much for the mention.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Catherine Rodie Blagg

    I’ve been thinking about doing a similar post with my fav reads so I’ve been thinking a lot about who they are! I love Woogsworld for a giggle, Edenland for amazing writing, and Fox in Flats for a nudge towards something I haven’t tried before.
    Hope you had a great Christmas! xx

  4. iSophie

    Great reading list. Woogsworld is always great for a fit of giggles.

  5. Enid Bite'Em

    I’ll head and have a look … The Kids Are Alright’s forum is, I think, a great and very necessary resource for parents with teenagers 🙂

  6. Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    Great list.
    The Kids are All Right is a personal fave.
    Happy reading!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  7. Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    This is a great list, Martine. I think the only one I’ve not visited with any frequency before is Reservoir Dad and the Book Chook. I’ll keep them in mind. I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday break. Wishing you the best for 2013. xo

  8. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    A great list of blogs Martine, I read most of them on a regular basis. I will have to do something similar myself, there are quite a few that I do enjoy and they deserve to be mentioned and shared. But I think I will have to do the same as you and do a series of posts on my favourites – there are so many great blogs out there, aren’t there?

  9. Grace

    Oh, great mentions! I’m a big fan of Rachel, Kirri, Nic and Gemma!
    I hadn’t heard of the Book Chook. Will have to check Susan out.
    Hope you’re hang a lovely break, Martinez! xxx

  10. Grace

    And that was supposed to be “Martine” (stoopid autocorrect!) 🙂

  11. Susan Stephenson

    Thanks Martine! I am so busy writing and researching blog posts that I rarely have time to read other blogs. How sad is that! I resolve to improve things in 2013.

    But another blog I think parents interested in education would like is WildlifeFun4Kids

  12. Tracey @ Bliss Amongst Chaos

    I must have been living under a rock!
    I haven’t read any of these blogs except for one. Thank you for pointing them out to me 🙂

  13. Deb @ Bright and Precious

    What a great idea to do this kind of a list, Martine. And your list is wonderful. I particularly love Kirri – what an inspiration she is. I’ve only just ‘met’ you through Grace’s link ups, and I look forward to reading more. xx

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