Student session are tailored toward the cognitive,  social and emotional development of young people as it pertains to their use of technology, devices and social networks.

Primary School Student Sessions

Lower Primary sessions include introductory cyber safety rules around device and screentime management. Some of the topics include:

  • the nature of the online world, audience and permanence
  • online stranger danger
  • what information can and can’t we share
  • asking permission to share photos/videos of ourselves and others
  • rules around bedtime and sleep
  • the importance of balance, what our brains need

Middle/Upper Primary sessions look at cyber safety rules around device and screentime management as well as a more detailed look at online behaviours and cyberbullying. Sessions include role plays from real life online interactions that offer both positive and negative responses, giving students the actual statements and responses to avoid digital dramas.  Some of the topics include:

  • who are you talking to? How do you know they are who they say they are?
  • privacy and permission
  • respecting ourselves and others
  • audience and permanence and the importance of a positive digital footprint
  • online gaming
  • sacred sleep and mealtime rituals
  • cyberbullying, mean and nasty: how to differentiate and what you can do
  • avoiding digital distractions
  • creativity versus consumption
  • self esteem away from the screens
  • getting the balance right


Secondary School Student Sessions

“Hey Miss, I thought that was going to be crap boring, but it was actually really good. Thanks!” One of my favourite testimonials fro a Year 9 student at a Victorian Secondary school.

Secondary Student sessions offer a more comprehensive look at the social and emotional effects of a life online and we move from cyber safety to digital resilience and toward digital leadership. Ensuring the online experiences are a positive enhancement and not destructive to their wellbeing.

  • avoiding online dramas
  • the myth of multitasking and avoiding digital distractions
  • sexting and the law
  • self esteem: more than likes and followers
  • cyberbullying: what are the laws, what can you do and the importance of the upstander
  • creativity versus consumption
  • digital resilience
  • the importance of critical thinking to critically evaluate online content

This is just a snapshot of what can be covered in student sessions and of course if there are particular issues a school community is facing, I can certainly address these in more detail.

Sessions are engaging and relevant and always include the most up to date information and strategies.