Tips for Mobile Phone Etiquette

Do we really need to outline basic rules and tips for mobile phone etiquette? Isnt it simply common sense and good manners that ensures our phones are not interfering with our real life interactions and connections? Maybe, but look around you and see if people are really showing good etiquette whilst in the presence of others.

It is pretty apparent that mobile phones are fast becoming an extension of our physical selves. The panic many of us feel at the thought of losing or leaving behind our phones ensures a reliance that, whether we like it or not, is certainly becoming the norm.

I love the advantages my phone brings me. I love being able to work on the go, to be in constant contact with my kids if I need to, to check footy scores whilst I am out and take photos without lugging around my SLR.

So I am not about to ditch my phone anytime soon. What I am focusing on however, is how I use my phone whilst in the company of others. Not just our kids, but our partners, our  friends, family, service staff, strangers. I think we could all get better at being present when people are around.




So no, this isn’t a post to make you feel guilty about your addiction love affair with with technology, but rather a reminder to look at how we are using our phones whilst in the presence of others. Sure we can scroll though our feeds whilst a stranger snores next to us on the train or whilst we are waiting in the warmth of the car whilst a child finishes sports practice. But for ourselves and our families, we need to remember these basic rules of etiquette to ensure we are being the very best role models we can be and teaching our kids the very best mobile phone manners.

If you feel there are people in your circles who could do with a mobile phone etiquette reminder, then please feel free to share!

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  1. Emily

    YES! Love it! Saw a meme recently about this that my friends and I have adopted. We put all our phones face down in the middle of the table. First person to get theirs (unless it’s at the end of the meal, of course) pays for dinner if we’re out, or does the dishes if we’re at someone’s house. Works a treat!

  2. Recently, I was enjoying a rare pedicure, when the woman sitting next to me starting watching videos on her phone with the volume ridiculously loud. I looked around to see if anyone else shared my stunned reaction, but I was alone in my horror. I expect that behaviour from teenagers, but not grown ups!

  3. I would love to send this to some people I know who have rather dubious etiquette with their phones!

  4. Hmmm… yes, people can talk so loudly… my teens attempt to look at their phones at the dinner table – horror!! I notice how often at playgrounds all the mums are fixated on their phones… and have to admit I am one of them… sometimes it’s my iPad…. oh dear. Maybe we need playground phone etiquette? I don’t gab as much to other mums as I did 10 years ago.

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