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Returning to work? Transfer your parenting skills to the workplace

parenting-skills-1-of-1Returning to work for mums or dads who have been the primary carer for their kids can often be a daunting endeavour. There may be anxiety or a lack of confidence about re-entering the workplace and an office environment.  There may be reluctance to having people tell you what to do when for so long you been the ruler of your domain (unless you have a stubborn 2 year old who takes over that role).

I think however many employers are finally realising the benefits of employing those that were once ‘stay at homers’. They have skills unsurpassed by any bachelor degree or PhD.

So for those of you struggling to think what you want to be ‘when you grow up’ or at least return to work, here are some examples of the skills we already have in abundance and some of the occupations that we could walk right into with ease…..

Exceptional Navigating and driving skills: I can find at a moments notice any basketball stadium or football oval via a party drop off and a play date pick up. All with the added stress of logistics, tight schedules and whinging toddlers

Possible Occupations: chauffeur, Formula one driver, scenic aerial pilot


Teaching skills: sitting down to hear readers, endeavouring to make sense of new maths methods and trying to ignite some semblance of enthusiasm into their homework…all the while keeping sane

Possible Occupations: Professor, trainer, coach, motivational speaker


Referee skills: Breaking up all manner of fights, squabbles, arguments and world wars.

Possible Occupations: diplomat, Judge, United Nations Commisioner or FBI or SWAT team member


Healing skills: kissing many a sore finger and patching up many a wounded knee.

Possible Occcuptions: Nurse, doctor, surgeon, evangelical healer on the speaking circuit


Construction Skills: Years of lego, blocks and magnetic sticking together toys has made me an expert in all things design and construction

Possible Occupations:  engineer, architect, building development tycoon 


Art critic: carefully knowing which artwork makes it to the fridge and that which needs to head back to the recycling bin.

Possible Occupation: Art gallery curator


Detective skills: able to find footy shorts at a moments notice, lost homework or a missing iPod. Lifting up jumpers from the floor and daring to put hands down the back of the couch has made me an expert in all things lost.

Possible Occupations: detective, archaeologist, explorer


Vocal Skills: This is not referring to my yelling but rather my lullaby singing!

Possible Occupations: rock star, opera singer or pop music sensation


Cooking Skills: preparing 49 dinners a week (ok so there may be some takeaaway in there), 49 lunches and many a breakfast surely gives my little kitchen a 3 hat status.

Possible Occupations : chef, maitre D, restauranteur, food critic (actually the rest of the family could be the food critics!)


Social Media skills: updating every Facebook status with little Johnnys every milestone and every cupcake we cook, makes us perfect at recording and relaying information and making our lives appear so much more ‘together’ than they may otherwise be

Possible Occupations: scribe, social media marketer, public relations officer, publicist 

and lastly…..

Multi tasker: however there is not any other job in the world that requires multi-tasking like that of being a parent.

So if you were nervous, unsure, or riddled with self doubt after years of playing mum or dad…fear not…a world of endless possibility awaits.

What other skills do you think you have acquired that could help you in the workplace?

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  1. Rhianna

    lol great post! Though as a parent who may be needing to return to work in the not to distant future I was hoping that there were a few more real tips!

    leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

    1. Martine

      Tanks Rhianna. But I hope you do take with you the knowledge that if you can endure the rigours of parenthood you are up for any other challenge the workforce can throw at you! So go forward with confidence and do remember that tongue in cheek aside, many of the skills we have acquired are certainly able to be transferred to the workforce. I remember when I first went back to work for a couple of days after my first two my boss commented that my use of time was far more efficient than most. He agreed that was a result of the essential time planning skills needed to run a house and work as well. Best of luck!

  2. Ai Sakura

    Ahahha love this! You’ve made me look at parenting skills in a whole different angle 🙂

    1. Martine

      Thankyou…there is always another perspective!

  3. Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Lol. Great list. I’ll be selling some of those to my new boss when I return to work in a few weeks 🙂

    1. Martine

      Oh you absolutely should! Best of luck

  4. kirri

    That photo says it all. You are a rock star!

    1. Martine

      Oh Kirri thank you!

  5. Tegan

    Love this! I think that being able to function on little sleep would be high on the skill list too!

    1. Martine

      Oh definitely Tegan!

  6. Emily @ Have a laugh on me

    Very clever – and that photo is GOLD aren’t we all so amazingly multi-talented now?

    1. Martine

      Thanks! The photo was a bit of a laugh! My son took it and was a little concerned as to why I would need to do that!

  7. EssentiallyJess

    Love this! Laughed out loud at the evangelical healer on the speaking circuit 🙂

    1. Martine

      Thanks Jess…I needed a break from the serious stuff!

  8. Kimberley M

    Too funny, Martine. And so true, all of them! I would add Negotiation Skills: getting your kids into the bath/bed/out of the shops without WWIII ensuing. I’m actually reasonably crap at this – no idea why I’m in HR! Kx

  9. Leanne Winter

    Oh Martine, this is all so true & so funny! Maybe add counsellor, personal assistant and treasurer. – love the photo, too.

  10. Mamagoingsolo

    Fantastic! I’d add: night-shift worker, as we are all used to going on little sleep and being awake and alert at 4am. And probably speech-therapist/language teacher, thanks to all the repetition of abc, 123, and so on that we find ourselves doing to our learning-to-speak babies..

  11. Stephanie

    I think I’d add actress/actor.

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