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Weaning the Screens Webinar

There is no doubt we have all experienced a huge increase in the amount of screentime we have had this past year. And for many of us that has meant giving in to an amount of screentime for our kids that we were not entirely comfortable with. But in essence it purely and simply became a necessity of life.

We had kids at home doing remote learning and parents trying to juggle that whilst working from home. We had screens as the major form of information and education, for entertainment and for socialising. Many kids spend many hours on gaming devices just to get their fix of connecting with their mates. Many parents had to concede that extra time kids had on devices just so they could do some uninterrupted work, or simply have some time out for themselves.

As kids head back to school and as we hopefully work toward experiencing some semblance of normality again, I know many parents are worried about how all that extra screentime will play out.

What will be the effects of that time on screens?

What about my child who now loves computer games and has trouble getting off to do other things?

We have developed some bad habits that are proving hard to break?

How can I get them back to doing things they used to enjoy and wean back the time on the screens?

Motivation to get moving and back to exercise is low and we are struggling to get back to pre covid activities?

How can they continue to incorporate technology and screens into their lives but in ways that ensure safety, balance and thriving?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions recently then please join me for this webinar “Weaning the Screens for Digital Wellbeing”.

Thursday 22nd Oct, 7.30pm AEST. Live Webinar.

This has certainly been one of my most asked questions lately so you are certainly not alone, but it isn’t something that can be answered well in a few lines or an email response.

So click on the link here to get the understanding, the strategies and the pathway forward to help your kids and your family thrive as they head back to school. And don’t worry if you happen to miss the live event, you will be sent the recording which will be available to you for 2 weeks to watch at your leisure…or watch again and again if you choose!

Sign me up for the Weaning the Screens Webinar

See you there and feel free to email me any questions you might have or to stay connected, join in my Facebook Group “Raising a great kid in the digital world”

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