Where did that time go?

Remember when you were little and time seemed to take forever? When Christmas Day was over I remember bemoaning the fact that it would be an eternity until carols and candles and Santa paid us another visit. it seemed like I was at primary school for just the longest time and my next years birthday was just way too long to wait.

But now it seems like a split second since i was writing up my Christmas list and decorating the Christmas tree…and it was nigh on 12 months ago. One whole year. A year that used to take forever, but now appears to whittle away in a matter of crazy, busy, jam-packed weeks.

It wasn’t as if we weren’t busy as kids. We had plenty going on. But I remember rolling my eyes at the ‘old people’ (they would be my mums friends who were probably  just 30 at the time) who would make comments such as “enjoy being at school…it goes so quickly”, or “I remember when you were a baby..it seems like only yesterday”. Scarily I am now finding myself repeating these comments to my friends children – and even more scary is that well into my 30’s, they too probably consider me ‘old’.

Now as my older boys are well into the upper echelons of primary school, I am too frequently and easily picturing them as part of the teenage world of exams, parties and driving cars. Whilst I struggle to remember what life was like before kids, I am still left wondering what happened to those years when my big boys were little boys.

When did they go from Bananas in Pajamas on CD to downloading Bruno Mars on ITunes? From watching fixated as Thomas the Tank Engine saved the day to reciting every word to iCarly and Big Time Rush reruns? They have gone from singing their ABC’s to singing to LMFAO, and from wanting to cuddle Big Ted to wanting to wrestle Big Show, the WWE wrestler.

I know that one day all too soon, I will be saying the same things about my 2 younger boys. So I guess it all comes down to remembering to enjoy every little moment as it is now, today and remembering that like it or not….”time waits for no-one”.

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  1. Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    So, so true! I don’t want my babies to grow up too quickly. I need some more time to get this parenting caper right and enjoy every day!

  2. Grady Pruitt

    I quite often notice this paradox of time. When we’re en the moment, it seems as if things are taking forever to happen. Yet, when we look back, it seems as if things just happened a few days ago. In the moment, it seems my 3 year old will never get the hang of a certain aspect of potty training, but it also seems like it was just a day or two ago that his older brother (who just turned 9) was born.

    We do the best we can with the time we have because it really is true that time waits for no man, and things seem to go by much faster than we think.

    Ever notice, too, that it’s the painful things (something anticipated that we don’t have, a task we don’t want to do, we’re in the hospital with something wrong, we’re waiting on food or someone to serve us, etc.) seem to creep and crawl along and never seem to end, while things that we enjoy and are fun (parties, games, etc) seem to flash by in a blur? 😀

    Have fun enjoying life!

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