phone for xmas letter

A letter from Santa for a new device, phone or tablet

If you suspect Santa may be gracing your child with a new device, a phone or a new tablet or ipad, then setting up some boundaries from the get go is the best way to ensure they remain a welcome addition and not an object of conflict! Pop this little letter from Santa in the Santa sack to help remind them of the responsibility that comes with owning a device that literally opens them up to the rest of the world. Whilst we like to think our kids will always make good decisions, experience and research tells us that they need some help with this. Following a few rules, helps to ensure that the devices are incorporated safely and in harmony with your family values.


Santa letter for device

If you would like to print this out then use the PDF version here: from Santa for devices, phones & tablets

And if it’s video games and consoles your child is getting this year, we have a letter for that too to keep the games fun. Letter from Santa for video games and consoles.

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